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Rainhopper's model sheet

Rainhopper, formerly known as AlpineFox, is a long standing member of the furry community. He currently lives in California at his residence, commonly known as the Anaheim Fur House, also home to Waggs Wulf and Alphawolf, also known as PrimaryLupine.


[edit] Fursona

Rainhopper's profile sheet

The appearance of his character, an 80's arctic rocker Kangaroo, takes visual cues from Vince Neil of Motley Crue, and from Rainhopper's rock idol David Lee Roth.

His character stands as the poster-child of the 1980s heavy metal stereotype.

[edit] Fandom involvement

[edit] 2 Sense

Rainhopper currently has a position on the 2 Sense show as both technical director and Bunny Holidays. Hosted by 2, the Ranting Gryphon and Jibba Foxcoon, the show is broadcast in its new video format from Ranting Gryphon Studios in Southern California.

On the show, he plays the character Toast the Rabbit, a rebelious bunny who doesn't seem to know (or care) about a rabbit's place in the presence of predators. His holidays are often centered around fan involvement. Viewers are often encouraged to participate and send in videos or pictures of how they celebrate each holiday.

Under the segments new format, Toast will share viewer submitted holidays.

[edit] Anthrocar

During Anthrocon 2003, he passed out paint pens, asking people to cover his 1987 Lincoln Town car in furry art and signatures of attendees.

The first contributors were Babs Bunny and Revvy Rabbit, who helped kick off the project before his arrival, setting the stage for a follow up project.

[edit] Califur

In April 2008, Rainhopper was named co-chair of the Southern California convention Califur. Califur is an extension of what once was the old ConFurence conventions which his late husband had been a large part of.

Rainhopper hopes to carry on the legacy and passion that pouchhopper left behind for all of the furry fandom.

[edit] Antheria

Antheria is a small (but growing) convention in which he serves verious positions at, often assisting in promoting the con.

Rainhopper in action

Rainhopper and his late husband Pouchhopper held their wedding on January 27th, 2007, conducted by the fandom's own former priest, 2, The Ranting Gryphon, after making the leap from the East Coast area of the United States to the West Coast the previous year.

In his spare time the roo likes to fursuit around Los Angeles and Malibu, and hike through the canyons in Malibu and Eastern OC.

He has a firm belief that anyone can get in touch with their inner feral side if they wish so long as they open their heart to such things and embrace their inner self, whatever that may be.

He has currently created a new character to showcase his bunny side by the name of Toaster aka Toast Rabbit. He's a toast flavored rabbit. Black and tan in color. He's rumored to spend most of his time underground hiding from sticks of butter and hungry birds while he searches for a cure for this strange affliction.

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