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PJ Skunk (born June 17, 1982) is a furry lifestyler who lives in Roswell, New Mexico, U.S.A., with his mate, who is a lion. His hometown is Oshkosh, Wisconsin, U.S.A., where he had lived most of his life before meeting his mate on the internet. As of May, 2008, they have been together for four years.

PJ has been in the fandom since about 1997. It started out as an interest in werewolves and soon after became much more. He has been a skunk for most of his time in the fandom, but in 2000 also adopted Raine Otter (a female otter) as a second fursona.

The first furry event PJ attended was a New Year's party in 2001(?) at the house of TSA member Phil Geusz, who is a good friend of PJ. His first ever furry convention was Midwest FurFest 2002.

PJ spends a lot of his time at Flyintails Airfield on Second Life, as Raine Mathy who owns Loutre Le Chateau Airport and Item shop.

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