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This article is about the character. "Rain" is also a nickname for D.C. Simpson.
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General Rain Silves is a Sergal, a creation of trancy MICK. Rain is the leader of the Tatola Desert tribe of Sergals, also known as the "Shigu Clan". The members of this tribe are distinguishable due to their long fur (in comparison to the Sergal of the South Sailzan Desert tribe.)

She is slightly different from the average Sergal. She is much taller and has an eye color mutation which causes her eyes to have a golden pigment instead of grey or blue. She is known to wear ceramic armour into battle and wields what seems to be a double-bladed lance of some sort. She uses the blood of her enemies, or her companion, Gin, to paint the 'blood-trails' that originate from her eyes. The most interesting part of her anatomy is the prehensile clitoral hood, which a lot of people mistake for a penis and think that Rain is a hermaphrodite; however, she is female.


She is the main character of the series of stories Trancy wrote about the world of Vilous, where she is the supreme commander of the Shigu clan. Throughout the storyline, Rain is shown as a cruel and cold creature, with a passion for bloodshed. The author has confirmed that the Sergal General loves to eat living prey, especially Sergal children of the rival clans. However, despite her violent and cruel nature, Rain seems to have some sort of "friendship" with the Wahuenru named Gin, as well as affection for the character of Rushiya, who is of indeterminate race.

General Rain Silves

The meme[edit]

It is unknown who first thought of the "Rain likes to rape" meme, but quickly Rain's popularity on 4chan skyrocketed to match that of Pyramid Head (which she has also been depicted as raping). Her nightmarish appearance and the prehensile clit hood quickly caught the acceptance of the wider audience. A large amount of fan art followed, with themes ranging from 'tame' to outright parody, where we can see Rain dressed up as a nurse, a schoolgirl or even a tennis player.

Rain's position as a furry icon is getting stronger day by day, and it is possible that she may soon join the anthro Hall of Fame with other noticeable furry characters.

Some on 7chan consider Rain the mascot of their furry board and like her image in an easily locatable thread as decoration.