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Rahnt (also known as Cassius, born December 6, 1990) is an artist, dancer, and fursuit builder. She lives in Scotland, where she is studying Sculpture and Animation at university.[clarify]

Rahnt discovered the fandom about 6-7 years ago[when?] but only became active in late 2010. Despite being female in real life, her online fursona is a male German Shepherd/wolf mix named Cassius Redgrave. Cassius has "natural" markings and a few recognisable features, such as earrings, hair, and three black stripes on each arm.

Rahnt created a fursuit of her fursona, and when in suit acts as a male despite being straight and in a relationship. At the moment[when?] the suit is only a partial: head, handpaws, arms, tail and feetpaws.

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