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Rahne created by Made Fur You.
Valentine at Anthrocon 2014.

Rahne Kallon (born September 14, 1988)[1] is a fursuiter, dancer, DJ, writer, and voice actor who lives in the Pacific Northwest[1]. His fursona is a wolf and his fursuit was created in 2015 by Made Fur You [2]. He is most well-known for his dancing, and was the winner of the Fursuit Dance Competition at Rocky Mountain Fur Con 2015 [3] and Further Confusion 2016 [4], as well winner of the fursuit division for Floor Wars at IndyFurCon 2017 [5], Anthro Northwest 2018 [6], and Midwest Furfest 2018 [7] with Blue and Zeke as part of the team Pup N Lock. He is also the founder of the Furocity fursuiter dance crew.

In addition to performing regularly in the fandom, Rahne has regularly performed in fursuit as a dancer in various concerts and music festivals since 2016. [8]


  • Rahne, his fursona. A wolf created by Made Fur You in 2015.
  • Helo, an Australian Shepherd/wolf hybrid character created by Made Fur You in 2018.
  • Valentine, a dingo created by Fluke in 2008, which Rahne bought in 2012.


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