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Rahne as drawn by SpottyJaguar.

Rahne Kallon (born September 14, 1988)[1] is a furry writer, voice actor, director and fursuiter who lives in the Pacific Northwest,[1] and whose work most often deals with recurring themes of relationships, romance and sexuality. As a voice actor, he has participated in several radio plays throughout the fandom. His most prolific performance to date was Reis Northcote in his own radio play adaptation of Cruelty, based on the graphic novel by Rukis.

His next[when?] radio play is to be an adaptation of his own story Fox News.


Rahne's fursona is a unique light blue, dark blue, and white timber wolf with a distinct fire-like pattern on the bridge of his muzzle and long, blue hair.

Voice acting[edit]

Rahne started voice acting in 2007, beginning with an audition for Crowchild's sequel to the popular furry flash, High Tail Hall. A year later, he began voice acting consistently, starring in various machinimas, and radio plays/audio dramas. Many of his performances can be found on websites such as the Voice Acting Alliance and YouTube. He also encouraged fellow furry friend, Tyvara Panther, to audition for the role of Rio Davis in the sequel to High Tail Hall.

One of his most distinctive talents as a voice actor is his wide array of accents. To date, his repertoire of accents consists of Southern English, Glaswegian Scottish, Eastern Canadian, Mid-Atlantic American, Eastern American, various Southern American, Irish, Northern Irish, French, and Australian accents.

The majority of Rahne's voice overs are chiefly written, edited, produced and directed by himself. He can often be found voicing all the characters himself.

In early 2010, Rahne completed voice work for the role of "Keith" in a radioplay adaptation of a Twokinds fanart comic, produced and illustrated by Libra-11.

Rahne has also contributed several voice overs to The FBA Post Up Podcast, produced by Buck Hopper.


In 2010, increasingly popular furry artist, Rukis, began releasing a new furry comic entitled Cruelty. Rahne, a fan of the comic, contacted her about the possibility of an audio adaptation in conjunction with the comic, to which Rukis agreed. In addition voicing Reis Northcote, one of the main characters, Rahne also took the duties of directing, producing, adapting and editing the adaptation. The other main character, Marcus Laramie, was voiced by Savrin of KnotCast fame, while Alex Vance and Buck Hopper also contributed voiced work. The audio adaptation was released on November 2010, and is hosted on FurPlanet's website. It remains the biggest and most extensive project Rahne has worked on, to date.

Heathen City[edit]

Near the end of Cruelty's production, Rahne began voicing Owen Zelazny, the main character in Heathen City, starting with a promo produced by Buck Hopper. He plans to reprise the role in subsequent Heathen City media.


In July of 2012, Rahne purchased Fluke's "Valentine" fursuit, which had previously been retired in late 2008.


Before Rahne found his passion for voice acting, he was a prolific writer. Beginning in 2005, he began writing furry stories, publishing most of them on Yiffstar, which came to a halt in 2008, where he became discouraged after a failed adaptation of one of his stories.[clarify] This, combined with a consistent pursuit of voice acting, caused him to quit writing entirely. In late 2010, after speaking to Kyell Gold and listening to an inspiring article called "The Not Writer" by Alex Vance, Rahne had finally picked up writing again. To this day, Rahne regards both Alex and Kyell as his heroes, naming both of them as the main inspirations for his return to writing.

His stories have appeared in the Rocky Mountain Furcon Conbook, Anthroview (issues #0-1), and Tales of the Neon Phoenix (issues #0-1). His favorite themes to write about are relations, love, sexuality and romance, but every so often he'll work outside his niche with more action-oriented stories or science fiction. His stories are primarily male/male erotica.

Rahne is currently[when?] working on a novel titled Hearts of Lakeshore.


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