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Rafiki (Swahili for 'friend') is the shaman mandrill for the pride of lions at Pride Rock in the movie The Lion King. He appears in all three movies usually offering a joke or sage advice. His role and background are also expanded in many pieces of fanfiction.

The character was voiced by Robert Guillaume in the English version of the movie.


Before journeying to the Pride Lands, Rafiki lived with his troop in Grass Walls. For unknown reasons, he departed from his homeland and became a wanderer, learning as much as he could from the savanna lands he encountered.

And once he stumbled upon the Pride Lands, he was attacked by the hyenas at Five Stones but he was saved by Ahadi and his two sons, Mufasa and Taka. After hearing about Rafiki's mission, Ahadi invited him to spend the night at Pride Rock, and the two talked for hours about the plights of the kingdom. That night, Rafiki befriended Mufasa and saved him from a cobra, impressing the young lion.

The following day, Rafiki overhears Taka plotting with the hyenas to get Mufasa in trouble. The baboon attempts to warn Mufasa, but he arrives too late, for Taka has already set an angry buffalo named Boma against Mufasa. The two run from Boma, and Mufasa orders Rafiki to climb onto his back. While running, Mufasa tricks Boma into falling into a ravine.

Later that day, Mufasa and Rafiki return to Pride Rock, where Rafiki accepts an official position with Mufasa's father, Ahadi, as the royal adviser of the Pride Lands.

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