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Raeadh`ani is a character on Alfandria MUCK & a water dragon of a western style. In the fictional language known as druatch (written by Syrosa), her name translates to Queen of Rain. She was a Queen of the Ocean Deep Clan before a rift occurred between she & Lirath`ari, causing the dissolution of the clan.

Alfandria - Raeadh`ani

SecondLife - Keshadei Naumova

MoonRae & Darkcity - Rendhara


A female dragoness, colored a deep purple, highlighted with radiating sea green and blue colors. Silver highlights run over her slender back, and out across her wings. The sails of her wings are a lighter purple than her body, and have the same type of silver streaks softly trailing over them. On the leading edge of her wings, there are silver and sea-green highlights mixed together with the deep purple.
As you gaze from her body to the wingtips, the purple fades from a deep purple to a slightly lighter one. The wings' undersides contain more blue than purple, but fade in the same way, lighter, the farther from her body the color is. As your eye travels from the overside to the underside of her body, the change in color would be from a deep purple, fading to a pale purple, then a pale blue and finally to a deep blue along her belly. As her legs extend from her body, the same color change takes place.
Her talons appear to be a solid silver color. Her long, slender tail keeps the same color as her body does. Deep purple on the back, fading to deep blue on the underside. About halfway down her back, the silver trails and highlights seem to come together to form a crescent moon shape between her 'shoulder' blades. She is about one and a quarter miles in length, and her lithe form appears to be contoured for travel in both the waters, as well as the skies. Her neck is long and slender, a deep purple, on the back, again fading to a purplish-blue on the underside of her neck.
Her head is truly lovely, there are no horns but the headfins are a perfect mixture of purple and silver sparkling in the light around her, pierced with numerous hooped earrings, the topmost one being joined by a loose chain to a stud earring towards the bottom of her headfin. Her eyes are of a deep, powerful sapphire color. She is the queen of the Ocean Deep Clan, the princess of the rain, and the true maiden of the water realm.