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A radiofur is a furry that is active in or holds a healthy interest in Amateur Radio, Scanning, FRS, or anything related to radio.

Furry hams[edit]

Radiofurs that are mostly involved with Ham radio are often called furry hams, although radiofurs can hold other interests within the radio world, not just with ham radio. Coordinating frequencies, equipment and the best coordinates/settings to use are one of the many subjects by this interest group.

Furry hams have a dedicated website at

PMR Radio[edit]

Private Mobile Radio (PMR):

If you're visiting big furry conventions you'll notice a certain amount of attendees carrying a special kind of walkie-talkies called PMRs. It's a nice and (in most countries) license free option to keep in touch with your friends on a rather big consite.

The American equivalent to PMR is FRS (Family Radio Service). PMR and FRS channels are not compatible with each others.

If you want to use PMR or FRS transceivers of any kind on a convention make sure you're not blocking the con staff / emergency and / or general organisation channels.

Both, PMR & FRS, are using Ultra-High-Frequencies (UHF) and are not to be confused with CB or amateur radio. PMR radios have a range of up to several kilometers and can choose from 8 different channels. Some of them are also equipped with a pilot signal allowing its owner to use dozens of "sub-channels".

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