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Radio Comix is an alternative comic publishing house that was established in 1997 when Antarctic Press decided to discontinue their furry titles. Elin Winkler and Pat Duke (among others) founded Radio Comix to continue publishing these books. The company is based in San Antonio, Texas.

Comic books containing erotic content for adults are published under their Sin Factory imprint.

In 2009, Elin voiced concern that changes being made by Diamond Comic Distributors would potentially result in comics by independent publishers (including Radio Comix) no longer being distributed to comic book shops.[1]

Published comic titles[edit]

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(adult audiences)[edit]

Note: These lists are probably incomplete. If you know of any titles not yet included here, feel free to add them!

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  1. On Diamond's New Policies. 2009 January 19 post by Elin Winkler to Radio Comix LiveJournal community. Retrieved 2011 February 4.

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