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Rachel Lucas is a female raccoon, 18 years of age, who appears in the webcomic Not Big and Not Clever. Rachel has a rather tomboyish look about her, usually wearing a pair of loose canvas trousers and canvas top. She's a greyish-brown color with the typical raccoon mask and markings.

Rachel was born of a famous explorer and part-time bandit. Her father’s hectic lifestyle gave her very little time to enjoy the freedom of youth and as such the only schooling she received was simply the information and life skills the erudite man passed down to her while in action. The two were closer than just the obvious father-daughter relationship, basically existing as partners in crime and the mastermind duo behind some of the more intrepid searches ever conducted.

Sadly, this figure in her life departed mysteriously with little more than a hurried note and the promise of returning when "things are clear." Confused and distressed, the young girl fell into a miserable street life and an existence as little more than a petty thief. Her desperation quickly got her caught and imprisoned.

As an alternative to her prison time she was offered the opportunity to take part in experimental medical research. Rachel next saw daylight as the runaway remnants of an experiment gone wrong. Her growth hormones had been disturbed in a way that allowed her to manipulate her scale drastically.

A vast mission was launched to capture her once again, negotiations took place and terms were agreed to. Eventually, in return for agreeing to be sent to live with an effective parent, Snow Rendal, who would do their best to contain Rachel’s mischief, she was granted her freedom.

Rachel is bold, bright, obsessive and energetic. She is a leader and will immediately step up to the role and take charge to reach her goals. Her goals however, are often absurd ideas that she has only read about in books or are just plain illegal. It takes a patient person to tolerate this raccoon, but they will be rewarded by loyalty and a slightly unnerving, but altogether cute grin.

[edit] Observations and characteristics

Rachel Lucas plays on the typical theme of raccoons as nature’s mischievous bandits and blows it out of proportion in her own special way.

She’s got a strong personality- and unfortunately for people in her way- the strength of a thousand bulldozers to back it up. Rachel isn’t afraid to use her strengths against people to get what she wants and plays the intimidation game wherever necessary. While she rarely wastes her valuable scheming time with mindless rampaging, she’s certainly more than happy to crush life’s barriers, law enforcement and entire buildings under her long-clawed paws if it poses so much as a minor hindrance to her everyday business.

Although not a subject yet explored in the comic, readers are informed via character profiles that Rachel was raised solely by her father, a famous explorer and part-time bandit (something has to pay for the expeditions) and learned most every trick of his trade before being abandoned by him under mysterious circumstances.

Even as a young adult and settled into a new family, Rachel can’t shake her upbringing and constantly longs for the chance to set off on fantastic journeys of discovery. The bandit side of her heritage also shines through, and she is often seen swiping belongings and loose change, much to the annoyance of the rest of the family.

Despite her determination, Rachel’s grand schemes never really take off. She’ll focus on a goal for months and lay out cunning plans to reach them only to be thwarted later by the simplest of overlooked issues.

Her relationship with Cerberus appears strong and seamless. She regularly drags him along for her adventures, perhaps as backup, or perhaps to fill the role of her previous partner in crime. Surprisingly, the failure of her ill-fated missions and resulting catastrophes only seem to bring the couple closer together.

Rachel is likely one of the most intelligent members of the family, being genius enough to construct vast complex machinery, transport and computers (with a little help from her immense size and power reserve) in preparation for upcoming adventures. However, all the activities in her brain conflicts directly with a nagging habit or character trait and so her brilliance is often smothered amidst helpless cravings.

[edit] Subtle Points

- Rachel appears to be a great fan of Jules Verne novels as much of her larger scale adventures are silly takes of the author’s classic stories. She wanted to join the space race by shooting herself to the moon via a cannon- an idea from the story “From Earth to Moon.”

- Rachel seems to take some inspiration from the Indiana Jones movies. Her dusty and rugged appearance, attire and adventurous ways are fitting the movie hero and her last name is also the name of the film’s creator George Lucas.

- Rachel was originally seen sporting green fur. This was later revealed as colouring dye and was likely leftover from her time hiding from the authorities.

- Oddly enough, Rachel didn’t hit it off too well with Cerberus on her arrival. She repeatedly devoured him and squashed him underfoot, only really striking up conversation when she wanted something. This was recently dwelled upon when she reminds Cerb of those times and points out the similarities to the latest arrivals (Tetchie Razzel) behavior.

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