Raccoon Toons

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Raccoon Toons
Author(s) Matthew Taylor
Update schedule Irregular
Launch date May 26, 2003[1]
End Date Continuing
Genre "Comedy"
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Raccoon Toons (known as Matt & Michael in its early days) is a furry webcomic by Matthew Taylor. It centres on a human (Matt), and two anthropomorphic raccoons (Michael and Wendy). While originally only a webcomic, Taylor eventually produced a series of short videos, starring himself as himself, his sister as the voice of Wendy Raccoon, and Michael Raccoon as Michael Raccoon.

Expanded Universe[edit]

In 2019, edits of Raccoon Toons began popping up, expanding the canon of Raccoon Toons, and recontextualizing prior entries. These newer entries portray Wendy Raccoon as a trans icon and try to explain more problematic elements of earlier entries.


-There is an implied sex scene in one of the entries. However this scene is controversial, and some have argued that nothing happened since Taylor is a Mormon and wouldn't allow premarital sex in his comics. Others, however, refute this claim, on account of the fact that he created this webcomic

-Michael Raccoon Commits Tax Fraud

-They all were canonically at the birth of Christ

-Michael Raccoon runs for president in the short "Politics", and in one issue Michael claims that he is "above the law". This has led some to imagine Michael being impeached.


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