Raccoon Daze

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Is that... a tail?
Raccoon Daze is a short film by Xoflow Films, in which a man is transformed into a raccoon.


Vic is a quiet office worker, a man who would rather stay home alone and read a book than join his fellow workers in a beer. One Friday night he goes to bed and wakes the next morning to find he has changed into a raccoon. With a friend due around to take him to brunch, to meet a girl who is interested in him, Vic tries to work out why this has happened to him, and what he should do.

Behind the Scenes[edit]

Raccoon Daze was conceived of by budding film-makers Mark Brown and Tim Susman, and filmed locally in Mountain View (Santa Clara county), California. Their Kafkaesque story was inspired in part by a mutual friend who owned a raccoon fursuit and was leaving the area. Susman describes the film as being "about acceptance and how things happen to us for reasons that maybe aren't that strange."

Disney animator Dave Kuhn helped out with the project by driving from Los Angeles to lend Brown and Susman the equipment necessary to film the story. Filming took place in October 2005, with some scenes shot at the Tied House Cafe and Brewery in Mountain View.

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