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This article is about the publisher/imprint. For the Second Life island by this name, see Fur Valleys.
Rabbit Valley

Rabbit Valley is an imprint of Fenris Publishing, and was one of the most well-known online shops for publications, art prints, comic books, novels, and other products specifically geared for the furry fandom. It was founded in 1997 by Sean Rabbitt, who owned and operated it with Andrew Rabbitt. They were acquired by Fenris and their Twitter bio says "Imprint of @fenrispublish since 2021".

Publications and selected products[edit]

Rabbit Valley publishes Associated Student Bodies, Circles, Rocketship Rodents, the Spooo Presents anthology series and Dragon's Hoard comics.

It also distributed titles by Dream Field Comics, Club Stripes, Bad Dog Books, 2, Radio Comix, Sofawolf Press and Jarlidium Press, prints by SexyFur and TailHeat artists, Lackadaisy, and FA: United t-shirts.


Mailbox Books was founded by Ed Zolna; he retired in 1998 and sold part of the company's assets to Sean Rabbitt.[1] Sean later changed the name to Rabbit Valley due to another company suing him for the rights to the "Mailbox Books" trademark.[1][2][3][4].

Rabbit Valley Comic Store was the first large online store to cater to furries. It was a staple of the commercial aspect of the fandom and helped distribute the work of new and upcoming artists as well as sell some of the most popular titles in the fandom.

Rabbit Valley also used the name Rabco Publishing Inc., but reincorporated as Rabbit Valley Inc. in 2004.

The Rabbit Valley website was made by Kurst.

In October 2021, Rabbit Valley was acquired by Fenris Publishing[5]


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