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RaKeT, also known as Hogwash, is a fursuiter who lives in the United States.[1]


RaKeT's main fursona is a foxcoon. He has a frost-gray body, white belly, black leggings, orange fingers and toes, and an orange mask around his eyes. His hair and eyes are blue.

RaKeT's seconary fursona is a dancing husky named Hogwash. Hogwash is orange, black, and white, with light blue highlights.


RaKeT's foxcoon fursuit was built by Nick and Lacy, and debuted at Further Confusion 2012.[2] RaKeT communicates via squeaker and occasionally speech. His feet paws contain a pair of Heelys roller shoes, and he can often be seen skating in suit. A second version, known as RaKeT 2.F, was made by More Fur Less in 2015.

Hogwash Husky was made by Mischief Makers, and debuted at RainFurrest 2013. He has participated in several dance competitions at conventions.

Convention activities[edit]

RaKeT has attended:[3]

RaKeT was named as the fursuit coordinator at Califur 10, but was not able to complete his convention duties due to a severe fall he sustained while in fursuit.

Hogwash won first place in the dance competition at RainFurrest 2015.


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