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ROhusky, Sharpie Sabre, or Russle.R.Husky. Original name, Lisa (born June 21st, 1994) is a fursuiter, artist and Fursuit Builder living in Fort Collins, Colorado, U.S.A. She has been in the fandom since late 2006. Lisa began drawing and creating anthropomorphic characters as a hobby. She became publicly active in the furry fandom early 2008. Lisa has originally three fursonas; ROhusky, Sharpie Sabre, and Russel.R.Husky. Starting in late 2010 she started a fursuit making company called Rohusky works.


ROhusky was the first and original fursona Lisa came up with starting in 2007. Originally called Nero husky, was later changed in 2009 to ROhusky. RO is a wolf/husky hybrid with a red collar, green hair, and blue eyes. ROhusky is no longer Lisa's fursona but just a past fursuit she has made created in late 2006

Sharpie Sabre is Lisa's Second Fursona. Sharpie is a sabre toothed wolf, with the colors of orange, blue, and black. Sharpie's tail has to stripes of black with a skull ands cross bones between them Made in 2007.

Russel.R.Husky or Russel the Radioactive husky is by far Lisa's favorite fursona Russel is a male husky with toxic signs all over his body. Russel's colors are orange and green.

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