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Rocky Mountain Fur Con
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Rocky Mountain Fur Con, often abbreviated RMFC, is an annual furry convention that takes place in Denver, Colorado and celebrates anthropomorphics. Events include charitable benefits, educational seminars, art shows, panels and general social activities. The convention also features a unique cooking show called "Free Can Cook" hosted by FreeFox. The convention is currently chaired by Sorin Kat.


Rocky Mountain Fur Con
Rocky Mountain Fur Con was first organized by the Mid-America Anthropomorphics and Arts Corporation to take place in June of 2006 to cater to the large population of furries living in Colorado and surrounding areas. However, when Anthrocon also announced its date for that same month, the decision was made to postpone the Rocky Mountain Fur Con's debut until 2007.[1]
Rocky Mountain Fur Con

The first Rocky Mountain Fur Con was chaired by Kahuki Lairu with assistant chair Sorin Kat.

The first Rocky Mountain Fur Con took place June 1 to 3 2007 at the Denver Adam's Mark Hotel. The final official attendance was 236.[2]

2014 and 2015[edit]

Rocky Mountain Fur Con 2014's theme was announced as "14ers" focusing around the theme of mountaineering, climbing and the 54 peaks in Colorado over 14,000 feet.[citation needed] Guests of Honor were fursuiter WhiteyFawks of Arend Studios and artist ShinigamiGirl. On October 18, 2013 it was announced that the convention will be held at the Marriott Denver Tech Center, having outgrown their previous hotel, the Denver Doubletree.

The final attendance numbers were as follows: 1354 attendees, a 35% increase over the previous year, 303 fursuiters in the parade, and 262 pieces of art in their art show. They raised $5,500 for their charity, Freedom Service Dogs.

Rocky Mountain Fur Con 2015's theme was announced at closing ceremonies as "Game Shows!" focusing around the theme of all the classic game shows such as Press Your Luck, Pyramid, Family Feud, The Price is Right, etc.[citation needed] Guests of Honor will be announced at a later date.


Rocky Mountain Fur Con is organized by the Mid-American Anthropomorphic and Arts Corporation, a S corporation with 501(c)(3) status as of April 2009. The CEO is Kahuki Lairu, while the treasurer is Sorin Kat.


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