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Ralph E. Hayes Jr., also known as Ben Bruin, (born March 18, 1971) is a furry artist from Marietta, Ohio, USA.[1] He is an outspoken conservative, a Christian fur, and a former member of Burned Fur.

His fursona name, Ben Bruin, is also the name of one of his webcomic characters (Ben, in Goblin Hollow.)


He is the writer/artist behind several webcomics, four of which are of furry interest: Nip and Tuck, Goblin Hollow, Tales of the Questor, Tally Ho and Quentyn Quinn, Space Ranger. The first volume of "Tales of the Questor" won the 2005 Ursa Major Award for "Best Anthropomorphic Other Literary Work."

Burned Fur[edit]


Ralph Hayes was a staunch supporter of the original concepts and principles behind the Burned Fur movement. As an artist, he help design the group's logo, a flaming paw.

Hayes left the group due to ideological and religious differences between him and some of the groups members, especially its founder, SqueeRat.[2]


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