R.C. Raccoon

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R.C. Raccoon (the initials stand for Richard Conrad) is the beloved raccoon boyfriend (and later husband) of Sabrina, in the webcomic Sabrina Online by Eric W. Schwartz.

R.C. works as a computer technician. Naturally, he is always the first person that Sabrina turns to when it comes to computer problems--despite his preference for Windows as opposed to her love of Amigas.

Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Originally, R.C. was a secret character, until Sabrina finally got to meet him at a science fiction convention in Cincinnati, Ohio (where again Bunnyman got duped!), just minutes before Amy went into labour. R.C. continued to date Sabrina happily, but she did not yet dare to reveal him to her folks. Eventually, after a rather touchy family meeting in which Sabrina put her foot down on the issue of manipulative parents, Sabrina's folks did learn to like him.