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R.C. Fox with two local radio DJs Mikey and Big Bob at Seven Springs Ski Resort 1-10-2015.

R.C. Fox ,[1] is a furry musician, fursuiter, photographer, network engineer, and lead events organizer who lives in the Pittsburgh region close to the Pittsburgh Airport.[1] He is active with the West PA Fur Events and Pennsylvania Furry Entertainment organizations involving major events.

Fandom involvement[edit]

R.C. The Fox Fursuit reference and color design

R.C. has been a furry most of his life. He discovered, and became active in, the fandom in 1997,[2] after searching online for information about foxes to support his beliefs as an Otherkin Therian, and then stumbling across the VCL gallery. He strongly believes he is a fox inside and has admitted at times to acting like one.

Due to personal reasons, R.C. took a ten-year hiatus between 2003 and 2013 from the group, remaining online and occassionally appearing at meets and events. During this time, he kept low-key and maintained only an online role under a few aliases loosely based on his fursona character's sayings. This was credited to his desire to finish schooling and start a career. He rejoined the group at Anthrocon 2013, and has been active in the community ever since as a major contributor, helping to unify the local furs around Pittsburgh and Erie, PA helping to form the West PA Fur Group.

He generally is active with the KISS Morning Freak Show DJs on their morning stream helping to promote the local furry group and participate in events. During those moments, was featured in the local newspaper's Photo of the Day Section for 10-27-14 during his recent public suiting with another local fur, Xanthos This has led to his active participation with local media, including the Pittsburgh Business Time's recent article featuring himself and his friend, Zippo Wolf on the cover page as seen [Fursuit of Happiness].

As of 2015, he is an active Midwest FurFest convention logistics staff member and a FurReality Audio/Visual Staff member, responsible for the Talent show and the nightly dances.


R.C. with Uncle Kage at Anthrocon in 2015

R.C. Fox's fursona is a mix of 80% red fox, 10% fennec, and 10% Arctic fox. His color scheme is primarily black and white, with seven dark teal-blue stripes along his rear torso which wrap around to the front. There's also stripes along his shoulders to the arms, his ears and the patch of hair on his head. He refers to the stripe pattern as the "3-1-3" (each stripe has a specific meaning attached to a personal life events, such as starting a career, getting married, his lovers and so on). His ears' colors (pink/blue) indicate his sexual orientation, which is bisexual. His fursona design overall, pulls from his life in which it represents.


R.C. Fox in attendance at FA:U 8

R.C. Fox's fursuit was constructed by More Fur Less (Kishowolf and Sways).[3] It features their signature changeable expressions. R.C. is known to post photos on his Twitter account in various settings at meets. He is a public fursuiter and can be found suiting regularly around his hometown or at work. His fursuit has helped him further express his spirituality as an Otherkin and has helped him become more sociable at events.

Convention attendance[edit]



R.C. in the late 90s and early 2000 was a rave DJ and live performance artist (mostly under the alias DJ: C, among others, which varied upon the event and/or style of music performed) and producer of (4-12 House Productions) for the Pittsburgh area who was one of many production teams responsible for organizing raves and promoting local DJs.[clarify]

He currently has returned to being a DJ with a performance at Furnal_Equinox_2017.


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