Räven (Hedningarna)

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Räven (literally, The Fox) was recorded by the non-furry band, Hedningarna, in the 1980s. It was one of three songs to have that name.

The double-entendre of the word "vixen" is exploited by the band - the fox they sing about is both vulpine and human at once (summoning images of kitsune). However, the fox they invoke is nothing like the stereotypical furry vixen; their fox is a predator.

The lyrics reveal, as well as human seduction, many animalistic features - golden eyes reflecting the night, a rasped canine tongue, sharp canines, claws, and perhaps most notably, that "Kjolen döljer knappt din svans" - "the skirt barely covers your tail". The song ends with the "dancing" fox seducing her lover, with the hint that she killed him afterwards, ever the predator.

Räven was very well-received (critics often called it "haunting"). Versions of Räven exist in Finnish and Swedish .

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