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Quozl is a novel of furry interest penned by Alan Dean Foster, and illustrated by Jim Gurney (of later Dinotopia fame), published by Ace Books in May 1989.


The story follows a species of space-faring, anthropomorphic, carnivorous, rabbit-like aliens (the "Quozl") secretly settling on Earth during World War II, and a series of events triggered by a few dissenting members of the Quozl and some sympathetic humans that force the colony to go public in contemporary times with the help (in part) of a skilled Hollywood publicity agent.

Did you know? Paperback editions of "Quozl' contain a flip-book sequence in one corner of the book. Flipping through pages 73 - 271 will reveal a short animation of a Quozl rabbit stepping out a spaceship and having an accident with a skateboard. Hardcover editions of Quozl do not contain these flip-book illustrations.

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