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Quiran (born March 7, 1990)[1] is a fursuiter who lives in Leeuwarden in province of Friesland in the Netherlands.[1]


[edit] Fursona

Quiran's fursona is a red fox with a white belly, chin and tailtip.[2] His eartips, feet, and hands are black.

Quiran has blue lines running down his body, from the back of his head to his feet and paws. On his paws, the lines go around his wrists. In the middle of his belly, the blue lines crossd from his back to his front, to separate his white belly from his orange body. The blue lines then run down his legs and stop at the insides of his ankles.

Quiran's eyebrows are made up of five blue dots on each side, just above the eyes.

[edit] Fursuit

Quiran built his own fursuit, which depicts his fursona.[2] It debuted at Anthrocon 2011.

[edit] References

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