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QuetzaDrake, also known as Twiggy, is a furry artist and writer located in Michigan. He is best known for being the author and artist of webcomics Furthia High and the now-ended DATAROM!.

Fandom involvement[edit]

QuetzaDrake has been in the furry fandom since sometime in 2004. His dragon fursona has remained fairly consistent over the years, only going through a minor change of clothes and one major body alteration since its conception. He has taken jabs at changing his fursona to a rabbit, and switches between his dragon, rabbit, and ringtailed lemur species often. He is mostly depicted as a dragon, though. He has also been known to have taken on Martian and Zerg forms.

Despite making a name for himself in the fandom as an artist and writer, he actually majors in psychology. He has also been ordained as a minister of the Universal Life Church.

In 2008, a drawing by QuetzaDrake appeared in the con book for Califur. In October of 2008, a collaboration advertisement with Immelmann appeared in the con book for FurFright 2008.

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