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Quartz’s fursuit

Quartz Husky (formerly Fjord Frost before Spring 2018), is a fursuiter and YouTuber who lives in Columbia, South Carolina, USA.[1] He is Director of Operations (and a board member) for Blue Ridge Furfare.[2]



Quartz joined YouTube on September 3, 2016.[3]On October 19, 2018, he had 93,422 YouTube subscribers.[3] On November 25, 2018 he reached 100,000 subscribers.

What he does[edit]

His videos mainly revolve around comedy, sarcasm, and explanations of parts of the furry fandom as well as advice to furries.[4]


Fjord Frost

Fjord Frost[edit]

His (Fjord Frost?) fursuit was made by Lillilikespeas.[1]

Quartz Husky[edit]

His new fursuit was going to be named Kira[5], but decided to choose a new name because there was already a fursuit named Kira that was made by Mischief Makers.[6] His new fursona is a female instead of a male, and the new fursuit is a full suit instead of a partial like his previous one, and is in digitigrade form.


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