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Pyat (born 1974), is a Canadian furry writer and Journalist

Fandom involvement[edit]

Pyat has been involved in the furry fandom since 1997. He is a particular fan of the Rabbits in Waistcoats genre of anthropomorphic fiction, a subset of furry he sometimes refers to as "Civilized Critters". He lives with his mates, Velvet, author of Dream-Carver, and Koray. Their house is known to friends and family alike as "The Mousehold."


Formerly employed as a professional journalist, Pyat has written about the fandom for print magazines,[citation needed] as well as web zines (e.g. Furry Thinking). His first article about fandom was a review of Furcadia printed in a 1997 issue of the (defunct) Toronto-based SF/fantasy magazine, Realms,[citation needed] and a profile of Steve Gallacci the same year.[citation needed]

Pyat likes to consider himself something of a fandom historian, at least when it comes to tabletop RPGs, furrydom, and science fiction. He has written a number of articles about these subjects,[citation needed] and undertaken road trips to places significant in fandom history.[citation needed]

On the basis of some of this work, he appeared as a representative of fandom on an episode of the Canadian documentary series Fanboy Confessional in July, 2011. He also spoke briefly about fandom for an episode of Pet Fashion TV that aired in early 2013.[citation needed]


In 1999, Pyat contributed to the first edition of the Ironclaw role-playing game,[citation needed] and went on to write a number of supplements for the game. He is the co-author (with Rafferty) of the Albedo: Platinum Catalyst and Usagi Yojimbo role-playing games.[citation needed] He has also written material for Dungeons & Dragons supplements published by 3AM Games.[citation needed]

Convention attendance[edit]

Pyat has been an author guest and panelist at a number of conventions, including:

(*) Author guest
(**) Panelist
(***) Con staff

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