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Purtz G. Wolf is a fursuiter who lives in Gladstone, Queensland, Australia.[1] His fursona is a grey wolf, although he fursuits as a Golden Labrador under the name of Purtz G. Puppy (shortened to P.G Puppy).

Whilst knowing of the fandom for a number of years, he only become active within it in October 2011, when he attended the FurJAM meet in Sydney.

Conventions and furmeets[edit]

Purtz has attended the Australian conventions MiDFur 13 (January 2012), MiDFur 2012 (December), FurDU 2012, FurDU 2013, RivFur 2013, and the Australian furmeets FurJAM 2011 and 2012, and RivFur 2012. He has also attended the USA conventions Midwest FurFest 2012, Furry Weekend Atlanta 2013, and Anthrocon 2013.


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