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Pumzie headshot by Aycee

Puma Reyes (Pumzie among friends) is a digital artist and fursuiter who resides in Steinkjer, Nord-Trøndelag county, Norway.[1]

Puma is romantically involved with Argos Rex, who also happens to co-star in many of the artistic works where Puma exposes her dirtier, borderline-nymphomanic side.


Puma started out as a feral artist, and later discovered the joy of anthropomorphic animals in art. She mostly draws pin-ups where females are in the spotlight, with felines being her strongest suite. On occasion though, she feels like drawing males, and anything in between.

In addition, Puma has a soft spot for special themes (such as nurses, Santa Claus, police etc) as well as images rating Mature or higher.


Feral Pumzie by Puma.

Puma's fursona is a yellow housecat/lynx hybrid who is twenty-one years of age. Her first iteration made an appearance in traditional art in 2003, as the official character of Puma.

Her most eye-catching features are a splotch-like brown marking around her left eye, golden yellow fur, and a big, fluffy and styled mane. Her hip-lines have become one of her defining characteristics, and she commonly wears at least some black makeup around her eyes. The makeup is always present, but may change volume depending on the outfit, giving her a look ranging from sexy but sweet, to a more rocked-out bad-girl.

Personality-wise, she is kind and forthcoming, if maybe a little shy at first. What she lacks in initial confidence, she more than makes up for in pervert tendencies once she gets comfortable.

Other characters[edit]

Troika headshot by Puma.

A handful of other characters also owe their existence to Puma:

  • Troika: a lovely but dangerous drug-dealer who is a half-cyborg femme fatale.
  • Sif: a Viking woman with a mild gender-role crisis.
  • "Codename Cumdumpster": a Work-In-Progress free-for-all character for the lonely and lusty.


Puma Reyes' fursuit was made by Templa, and was finished during the spring of 2013.


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