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Image of Prox, used as an avatar for chat and forums

Prox, previously known as Saturos or Vale, is a resident of Marion, South Australia. He is property of Snix both online and offline. Prox defines himself as a furry lifestyler.

Though an artist, only a very small percentage of his recent art is displayed online. Many of Prox's drawings regarding the furry fandom are either requests of gift-art, but he refuses to take commissions.

His fursona is a black, grey, and white housecat. His name and every previous fursona name comes from the video game Golden Sun.

Prox is active on Fur Affinity and is an infrequent poster on, yiffstar, and Furry-Furry. He also uses furnet irc, frequenting Baked Furs, Nintendo Furs and Decent furs.

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