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Protocollie's fursuit of his character Costello.

Protocollie is a furry with a collie-hyena hybrid fursona.

He is a DJ who has performed at numerous furmeets and convention dances, including Anthrocon, FA: United, Furry Connection North, Midwest Furfest and the New Year's Furry Ball. Protocollie is also the lead organizer of the New Year's Furry Ball as of 2009, and as of 2010 he is the music track lead for Anthrocon.

He owns a fursuit of his character Costello, whose species is a huskalope, a breed he created himself. Protocollie describes Costello as "an odd li'l kinda hybrid muck-up of a kangaroo, a husky, a deer, some sort of horned thing and a horse slash ram." [1] Costello was made by One Fur All.


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