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Proserpine is an artist who originally started on, creating multiple characters and who's popularity started growing from drawing furry porn and hentai. The user is currently 23, with a long history of drawing/painting/writing. In 2006 Proserpine went to The art Institute of Pittsburgh, and attended it for a year, dropping out and moving back to attend a local college for graphic art design.

Proserpine also created the species "Lyracervian" [Leer-ah-serve-Ian] Which is' "a parasite with no gender. The parasite starts off small at first, but needs a host in order to live and stay alive. Anything or anyone can be a host, but it's favorite hosts are human. (sometimes animals)

Whether the host is Male or Female, Once the parasite has control of the body, it can change your skin color, eye color, hair, gender, and make you be practicly anything it wants (with some restrictions). Which also is a reason why Pros sometimes is a girl, sometimes is a boy, and sometimes is both!"