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Project Fur
Author(s) Owners: Uren Husky
  • Founder: Uren Husky
  • Admins: Uren Husky, Nereruo Dalkano
Status Closed
Launch date August 2011
End date November, 12th 2011
Genre Social Network

Project Fur, also known as PF, is a Brazilian furry social network and entertainment portal. Founded by Uren Husky as an "alternative option" of entertainment to the furries from Brazil.

Its a non-lucrative site, but it depends on visitors and members donations to keep running.

Project F²[edit]

Was the project started by Uren Husky and Nereruo Dalkano to make old Project Fur's forum become a furry portal, it failed on the first attempt but it was succefully created on October 31th 2011. Actually they have other brazilian furry groups as partners.


Project Fur closed its door by the 12th of november of same year due to other members pressure due to problems with one of the users, who complained about an injust bannishment. Losing the control of the situation, Uren decided to shut the website down.[1]


  1. Project Fur fora do ar, by Uren Husky, at Fur Affinity, in Portuguese
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