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Author(s) Graveyard Greg, Krahnos and ShadowWing
Launch date May 10th, 2006
End Date Ongoing
Genre Romance
Web NC-17

Profiles is a gay-themed adults-only furry comic written by Graveyard Greg, drawn by Krahnos and colored by ShadowWing. The story centers around the main character, Lee Turnbull, and his first romance with a wolf, previously just his closest friend, named Jessie Sanders. New comic pages are tentative, updates ranging from weekly to yearly.


  • Lee Turnbull[1], a 22-year-old male zebra morph.
  • Jessie Sanders, a 21-year-old male wolf morph and Lee's best friend.[2]
  • Regis Turnbull is a male zebra morph and Lee's older brother.[3]


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