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Prince Vaxis. Art by Rielity
Prince Vaxis. Art by Mrawl
Princess Vaxi. Art by Mrawl

Prince Vaxis, also known as Vaxi, formerly Vax The Fennec,[1] and as Blackarechnid Chaika on Second Life (born in Denmark),[citation needed] is a jeweler and writer who lives in Washington, USA.

He is a self employed artist and has been married since 2009.


  • Vax The Fennec - Vaxi's original fursona, no longer in use or related to.
  • Chloe the Shark - A Tiger Shark.
  • Prince (Princess) Vaxis Neferet - A femboy feline Lyrian of Royal and Demigod-like lineage. Can alternate between Female and Femboy form at will.
  • Nyarai - An Ndogo Lion, native to central Africa, and an expert bowman. Primarily a bestiality fetishist.
  • Magna Firemane - A Qarow, a species created by Vaxis himself, and Cassio, and illustrated by the artist Nasusbot on Furaffinity

Prince Vaxis[edit]

Prince Vaxis first visual appearance was on Fur Affinity on May 18, 2014, as a commission by Aimi. Later appearances have later surfaced on e621 and Weasyl, by artists such as Mrawl, Wolfy-Nail, ~Popcorn_Panic~, and Sif.


As a ruler, Prince Vaxis is self entitled, arrogant, and overly obsessed with his own personal hygiene, for not to mention his love for gold in particular. However, he is by no means greedy, and is renowned for not having any sense of hierarchy in his rule.

A peasant can speak to him just as a noble can. He despises forceful slavery, finding far more pleasure and joy in people who serve him of their own free will. He will routinely take in homeless from the streets of his city to become servants in his palace, providing them with a room to sleep in, a reasonable salary, and comfortable clothes to wear. He is also warm, with an open-armed attitude.


Vaxis is an albino male Lyrian with a profoundly feminine physique. He stands 5' 2" (1.57 meters) tall and weighs in at 95 lbs (43 kg). His face is feline in nature, with eyes being bright dark ruby red, with almost black pupils. His mane of hair is lush and long, white as snow like the rest of his coat, apart from highlights of bright teal.

His mane continues down his back in a strip following his spine, and separates from his body right above his rear, where a long 'tail-mane' of hair flows behind him. This 'tail-mane' is often mistaken for an actual tail, however, it is far more akin to a horse's tail, as there's no actual structure under the fur. This means it can be braided , etc., into various styles and patterns which conventional tails cannot achieve.

The only part of his fur that isn't white, apart from the tips of his mane, is the heart shaped fur spot on his right butt cheek. His forehead and chest mounted "mood stone" gems are all teal blue, matching his fur's highlights perfectly. There is two clusters of sparkling light blue spots, one on each hip.

He can usually be seen wearing elegant gold jewelry of Egyptian design, ripe with symbolic hieroglyphs and patterns (one gold Ankh earring hanging from the lowest part of the left ear from a chain made of five gold beads, three golden hoops back to back on the forwards facing side of the right ear). Even his make up is of Egyptian style, gold eyeliner in the shape of the Eye of Ra are a day-to-day standard for him.

He adores silks, and revealing gowns. For underwear, his signature preference is a shiny golden thong. He also favors striped black and gold stockings with hieroglyphs at the topmost border, which write out his name. Occasionally wears a crown made of gold with a horseshoe pattern, complete with the eye of Ra and a Sapphire.

As a female, Princess Vaxi doesn't look much different from her femboy counterpart, the only two distinct differences being that she has no male genitalia, since they have been replaced by female ones, and the fact that she has grown breasts.


Long ago, before time itself had learned to count its seconds, gods of immense power roamed the universe. They were great, omnipotent beings, with a thirst for knowledge and wisdom. However, when these beings had long since collected all knowledge that there was to collect, they grew bored. As a means to not go mad in their immortality, they decided to create their own knowledge, rather than seek out new ones. Many gods came together to create each of their own worlds, splitting up into all reaches of the fresh new universe that they had just conjured. Amongst the group headed in one direction, were two gods who had, in their long life of partnership, grown to falling in love; a taboo among the gods. Procreation was a sin for them, as doing so might sway others to do the same, creating an ever growing population of immortal beings of overwhelming power. These two forbidden lovers, were known as Draxis, and Hiva. Draxis, a god who had chosen the form of a horned tiger, had dominion over death, and the ascension of mortal souls. Hiva, a goddess who had chosen the form of a lioness, had dominion over cats, protection, joy, dance, music, and love.

They were completely entranced with one another, and on a fateful day on the plane of the Gods, these two lovers consummated their feelings for one another. An act that did not go unnoticed for long. Even gods, when carrying a child of gods, cannot control everything, and thus, Hiva could not hide her pregnancy. Garo, god of the sun, and Draxis' father, looked down upon his son in shameful dismay when he took his place at Hiva's side when she was confronted. Outraged, the grandfather of mortals, and father to the gods, banished them both from the plane of the gods, and ordered them to leave at once.

However, Draxis and Hiva saw this as a chance to start anew. To create their own world, far from the ones created by their piers. They traveled to a distant section of a completely different galaxy, which would suit well for the beginning of their own world. They created the stars, the planets, and everything on them, and in between, but one planet was special. They left the other planets without names, allowing the future generations of mortals to name them for themselves, but the world which they would call home, Draxis and Hiva named Galora, a humble, small planet with a future far greater than any other!

However, Hiva's time was approaching, and upon the first sun rise of the newborn world of Galora, Vaxis was born.

But not as an infant. Instead, he was created in a swirl of both light and dark, love and despair, good and evil. He was the culmination of two opposites, joint together by love, an emotion banned from the Gods. He stood upon the sands of a vast desert, opening his large, ruby eyes, and beheld the world that his parents had given him to inherit.

But as a child of the gods, the full blown power of a God was not passed onto him, and thus, he was merely a Demigod. But even a Demigod has considerable power, even if it is limited to the world upon which they are born. Vaxis sculpted the world made mostly of sand, creating rivers, mountains, valleys, forests, filling the world with a brimming variety of biomes and atmospheres. He was present at the start, and has been present ever since. Worshiped like a god walking among mortals, Vaxis rules over his own personal nation, known as Draq'Nara, from his capital city known as Hivana, after his mother.

With his closest entourage; Dasa, the Harbinger and his personal bodyguard, Azure, the court Alchemist and master healer, and Ichimaru, his steward, Vaxis has grown a strong foundation for a world ready to live in peace and prosperity, but Vaxis, too, has his own personal ambitions.

There is a balance in all things...Cold must have Hot, Life must have Death, Up must have Down, and Wet must have Dry. One cannot exist without the other, for without the other, there is nothing to define the first. It is the eternal equilibrium of neutrality. There is no such thing as an absolute of anything. This, too, applies to good. It must have evil, to define itself as good. Vaxis, is the culmination of the two!

Deep underground, in the deepest reaches of a cavernous system dug into the bedrock and beyond, underneath the sparkling Palace of marble and gold in which Vaxis resides, lies a gloomy, entrenched evil. To create kindness, should the Creators(Draxis and Hiva) create cruelty. The Prince, or Princess, as he sometimes portrays himself as, is every bit the confident, and kind hearted ruler, but despite his demigod stature, and being worshiped across the continent as the 'Creator of Life', he still holds a closely guarded secret. He yearns to not just control the continent he has named Draq'Nara, but the entire world, and beyond, if need be. He is driven, devoted, and has been growing increasingly power hungry, as more champions flock to his cause, so too does he need an army for them to command. His parents created the world, and he shaped it. Why should he not rule over all of it, instead of settling for a small share of it? This is his ambition, and his own personal dream.

His plan lies in the dark magic, sealed within the core of the planet since its creation, the world built around it like a massive prison, hanging in an eternal grip of the Grand Queen's (The sun) embrace. This force seeks only one thing: To dominate all life, to control it, and harbor it to its own selfish goals. However, one created by a power beyond the comprehension of the mortal plane, has discovered this force, and aims to tame it: Vaxis, the Prince of Draq'Nara.

Guarded closely by his most trusted Harbingers and Royal Guards, the cave extends downwards in an ever ongoing spiral, so deep that light itself gets defeated and driven back by the suffocating, eternal darkness. Eventually, the descent passes the searing heat of the planets core, a magical barrier protecting the staircase from the churning sphere of molten rock and mineral that spins eternally to warm the surface and drive the planet's fuel source. And within that sphere, lies another sphere, a sphere so cut off from every physical existence, that nothing even the radiance of the heat above its chilling walls manage to break through the prison. It took Vaxis seven thousand years to penetrate the power that had been used to seal this creature away for more eons than even the universe could begin to fathom.

Within the sphere, big enough to hold the continent that lords above it, slumbers a creature as big as the pocket in which it is jailed. This creature's name is unutterable by any mortal tongue, and a vague description of the syllables heard in the mind of those whom have been spoken to by the creature, is best uttered as [b]Holagnofal, the God of the Core[/b].

Holagnofal has been imprisoned for its insatiable hunger for control, and dominion over anything living, as well as the ever-passionate search for more knowledge, more power. Rumors have it that Holagnofal was once a mortal creature, walking a world long since lost to the decay of time. He or She was a sorcerer, but their quest for knowledge was insatiable, and they were more intelligent than any of their former brethren. They had the ability to decipher codes, translate tomes, break protective seals, and counteract defensive spells, where all others had failed, and unlocked secrets to power unimaginable, that was created to balance the powers of kindness, and the powers of malice. This was knowledge no mortal should ever have. This power twisted their mind, as well as their body, which, within just a matter of years, was unrecognizable as anything but a writhing mass of pink and purple flesh and gelatinous substances. Today, Holagnofal has long since stopped being anything near human, now merely just a beast with a vague need for knowledge and control. For such malice to exist, so, too, must such kindness exist, and this kindness, has yet to be discovered. Holagnofal is merely a small part of that malicious power that balances the universe in an eternal state of neutrality, and has locked away in the most complex prison ever constructed, to bar a physical existence of pure evil, that should've never existed physically, from spreading into the rest of the world, tipping the balance, and risking to end all things in a blanket of eternal evil.

This power, is now one Vaxis, an entity entirely outside the balance of good and evil, a god among the known and unknown worlds, and therefore a mystery to Holagnofal. It is intrigued, and aims to learn more of this creature. And the creature's proposal is grotesque, even perverse and wrong, but likely to bare fruitful results.

An army, spawned entirely from the joining of Holagnofal, and chosen Acolytes, as well as Vaxis himself, in his female form. The breeding of hundreds, perhaps thousands of suitors willing to give their souls and bodies alike to Holagnofal, to allow themselves, and Holagnofal itself, to give birth to an ever growing army of Holag, a new species created from the wombs of Acolytes, or the Womb of Holagnofal.

With this Army, The Prince(ss) aims to control all the world, and all worlds beyond, aiming to forever break the stalemate between Kindness and Malice, the god and goddess of love and death, and set himself in their joint place, as the supreme God of all creations existence, past, present, and future, and every world henceforth to be created.

Prince Vaxis can appear in other universes apart from his own native Egyptian themed one. An example of this cross-universe eligibility can be viewed in his gallery on Furaffinity.

Lyrians (species)[edit]

Lyrians (Singular "Lee-ri-an" Plural "Lee-ri-ans") closest living relative are lions, and though the relation is very distant, these felines mimic their manes in both their males and females as opposed to in just males. These manes are meant to protect the throat and the neck from other Lyrians’s during combat, and are thickest immediately around the throat and spine where the fur grows more densely to help cushion impacts.

The gemlike ‘stones’ upon the Lyrians’s foreheads would be more accurately described as a luminescent attachment that are biologically wired to the left hemisphere of the brain, in particular the region’s most responsible for social interactions, and the level and color range of luminescence varies depending on the individual’s mood and thoughts.

Physical appearance wise, Lyrians’s tend to follow the normal trend of species, with males on average being slightly taller than their female counterparts. Both genders however share many of the same traits, including the long, thick mane that is predominant in their species.

Lyrians’s lack any sort of tail appendage, evolution seeing fit to remove them entirely in lieu of their mane’s length, which can often reach and drag upon the ground. Various styles of wearing the manes have appeared amongst the species to counter this seeming flaw in their biology, with members of certain cultural heritages choosing the braid, knot, cut, or wear their manes in dreadlocks.

Hygiene is very important, as the manes can grow so long as to pick up clumps, dirt, and in some very old, out casted specimens, even living fauna and fungi can be found tangled in the long mane tresses.

The state of their manes is a very good indication of one’s social standing in the family group, or pride. If a Lyrian is higher in rank, more pride members want to participate in social grooming with him, but the lower in rank, the harder it is to find a willing participant. Out casted Lyrians suffer from health problems due to not having basic social grooming, and their bodies and manes becoming heavy with filth.

Often seen within the species as well are bandages worn around the palms and knuckles, as well as tears of varying sizes in their ears from their natural instinctive reaction to increased stress as ‘brawlers’, as it were, and rough housing gone a step to far is a none to uncommon occurrence amongst them.

The species also feature small horns on their foreheads, a genetic ‘leftover’ from centuries of evolution. Where once great antlers stood, now only stumps remain, that are averaging smaller sizes with each subsequent generation as they no longer serve a biological purpose to the species. In place of the horns, long, sensitive whiskers have grown, one on each side of the face replacing the normal several short whiskers seen on most felines.


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