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Prideoff. Net — Russian fansite of Disney's movie The Lion King.

  • Address: (cybersquatted; see archive)
  • Webmaster: MDM

The site gives the information about The Lion King, the various materials interesting to fans, including avatars, userbars, texts and video. There is a gallery of "frozen-scene's" from TLK, fan art, and general furry art and furry erotica. Earlier, until July 1st 2008, there was also a forum on a website. The project was developed (in?) approximately 2 months and was issued on February 8th, 2008. All that can be seen on a site, beginning from design and finishing "engine" a site — it has been made manually. For one year (at the moment of March 18th, 2009) it has been done a lot of work, it is possible to see development history in special section.


Administration suggests wishing to create the site - a platform for realisation, absolutely free of charge!

What does the website offer?

  • 1. The address looking like yours (;
  • 2. A place under a site - 100Mb;
  • 3. The help in realisation;
  • 4. Support PHP, MySQL From you is required only one - desire.