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Author(s) Christopher J. Paulsen
Update schedule Daily
Launch date January 2009

Precocious is a webcomic drawn by Christopher J. Paulsen. It focuses on a group of children as they deal with the hazards of life and school. Paulsen cites Calvin and Hobbes, Bloom County and especially Ozy and Millie as his primary influences and inspiration. Originally, it was a daily comic, but since Paulsen attended college, it has now changed to Mondays, Wednesday, and Friday. As of April 2011, Chris has since reverted back to his daily format.

Main Characters[edit]

Bud Oven[edit]

Bud is a Scottish Fold kitty with brown hair and a black vest. He is considered the de facto leader of the group and is usually the one to cause the most problems, from minor damage to arson-related explosions. He is usually thinking up new ways to have fun no matter what the consequences are. Bud, as well as his friends, always see most of their classmates as strangers and pretend that they are invisible - especially when Roddy enters the scene, to whom Bud responds, "Roddy! What are you doing here?" Bud is often rivals with Dionne Crup. His parents tend to neglect him; as a consequence, he taught himself how too cook and has become a culinary genius. Bud is related to Tiffany Et on his father's side. His supervillain persona is Dr. Oven, a mad scientist who specializes in baked goods of doom. [1]

Autumn Pingo[edit]

Autumn is a red fox wearing a white uniform shirt and layered-green skirt. She and her parents had recently moved to Sapphire Lake at the start of the comic, but she has quickly fit in. She loves causing mischief with her friends. She is very competitive in everything, such as when she and Bud argued who would make a better supervillain. Autumn is the oldest than her classmates, which Bud makes fun of calling her an old lady in two strips. [2][3] Her constant rivalry is with Max Zeit, which started when Autumn's and Max's birthday parties were on the same day. [4] Her supervillain persona is The Scarlet A. [5]

Jacob Linkletter[edit]

Jacob is a dog with a red and white striped shirt and Bud's best friend. Jacob is the happy-go-lucky kid of the gang but is often a recurring target of their pranks and schemes. He is highly devoted to whatever he does. He enjoys playing sports but is very clumsy. He is often being pushed around by his others peers, especially Suzette Grady. His hero persona is Some Guy/Target Man. [6]

Tiffany Et[edit]

Tiffany is a calico cat, with an orange spot around her eye and one orange ear, wearing a green dress with a smiley face button on the bottom. Tiffany has a short attention span and is constantly wandering her thoughts into space or falling asleep at unexpected times. In some cases, Tiffany can lose control and start causing trouble. Like Bud, Tiffany is very creative, though her fun is artistic rather than culinary. She often can be spotted saying something off-kilter in the background. At home, she often causes trouble to her siblings and using them as pat of her "experiments". Her supervillain persona is Chaotic Butterfly, a red butterfly who causes random mischief and grief. [7] [8]

Supporting Characters[edit]

Dionne Crup[edit]

Dionne is a spotted cheetah, sporting a pink shirt with a heart in the middle. Hailing from the luxurious neighborhood of Diamond Bluffs, Dionne is the most sadistic and selfish character in the entire cast; she takes pleasure in causing humiliation, defeat, and overall grief. For example, Dionne's main purpose in competing in beauty pageants is to humiliate her competitors, rather than winning them. She has very little regards to loyalty and honesty as she often betray her allies. Also, her ability to manipulate other is so great that she was able to cause a coup at Poppingstock Academy; this ability also gave her a landslide victory of class president. Her villain persona is Di-Va, a silhouette character; her powers are the same as her real identity.

Max Zeit[edit]

Max is the biggest kid in the class and by far the best athlete at the Poppinstock Academy. He's charming, kind and humble. This wolf could easily be the alpha male, but Max holds back to let others play. What fun is there in sports when you win every time? As can be inferred from his residency in the upper class Diamond Bluffs, Max's family is well off. Naturally, his family is known for philanthropy, using its wealth to aid charities and support local organizations. Max doesn't have a mean bone in his body. He can always be counted on to say a kind word about anyone. Heck, he's just about perfect. Truly, this means he's history's greatest villain.

Suzette Grady[edit]

Very aware she is the only Poppinstock Academy student from Gemstone Estates living in the working class Emerald Woods, Suzette is prone to rants about class warfare. Always the self-righteous one, this spaniel takes every opportunity she can to rant and rave about something. Suzette is the type of feminist who spells "women" with two Y's. She's read several summaries of feminist essays without bothering to check the author's background, read any rebuttals or even, you know, read the actual essay. For Suzette, there's no problem a good double standard in her favor can't solve. After all the discrimination her kind faced over the years, history owes her something, dangit!

The parents[edit]

Sydney and Joseph Oven[edit]

She's a hard-edged, dark-humored businesswoman, always in the city managing the two apartment buildings she runs. He's a hulking eccentric and part-time guidance counselor who likes to lock himself in the basement with his many hobbies. Together they're… NEVER AROUND! Neither have any real domestic skills, but that's what Bud is for. Always the unconventional pair, Joseph took Sydney's surname when they married. (Hey, would you want to saddle your kids with the name Brungster?)

Ivy and Soren Pingo[edit]

They say the Pingos reproduce by cloning. This could be true. If so, Autumn is destined to grow into a witty librarian. There are worse fates. Of all the parents, Ivy is the one who best understands the children's demented minds. Could she be remembering her own childhood tricks? Soren is equally perceptive, but far more unflappable. He prefers to sit back and display his wry humor instead of stepping in and disarming the children.

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