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Corvis's werewolf fursona, by Ifus
Corvis's werewolf fursona, by Negger

Poweron, also known as Corvis, is an art commissioner and writer of furry erotica. His fursona is a werewolf.[1]


Corvis is the author of the furry erotica Spreading TF series of stories, in which various characters undergo radical transformations into fuzzy were-creatures, usually in highly graphic and ways.


Corvis has created a variety of characters featured in his stories and art commissions.

Male Characters[edit]
  • James, a male were-horse
  • Jake, a male were-bull
  • Virgil, a male were-deer
  • Theo, a male were-squirrel

Female Characters[edit]
  • Cookie, a female were-giraffe
  • Claire, a female were-wolf
  • Dora, a female were-cow
  • Jessie, a female were-skunk
  • Sarah, a female were-rabbit


Corvis has attended:


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