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This article is about the term; For the Fur Affinity ranking site, see Popufur.com

Popufur, a portmanteau of the words popular and furry (Spanish: Furro Popular), is a furspeech term to mean a popular person (normally a furry artist or fursuiter) within the furry fandom.

Alternative definitions[edit]

Popufur can also have a negative connotation, in which case popular implies one who is rich, famous, adored and/or otherwise notable in the fandom (often successful solely because of the fandom), but acts superior or indifferent to other members of the fandom (including their fans), sometimes even being dismissive or derisive of the fandom as a whole.[1]


Pop-U-Fur, the musical number

The term, in use from at least 2007,[2][3] was popularized by the Furry Night Live skit entitled popufur at Further Confusion 2009.[4] The satirical skit was a parody of the song "Popular" from Wicked the musical, and took first place in the FNL maquerade that year. It was written by Jil and Sophie Cabra, and originally preformed by Sophie Cabra and Raspberry Roo.[4][5][6]

See also[edit]

  • Big Name Fan (BNF), an analogous term in non-furry fandoms with the same negative connotation.


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