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Rough Spirit, ponysona created via Generalzoi's "Pony Creator".

A ponysona or pony OC, is fan-created, usually by a brony or furry brony, pony character based on the animated characters from Hasbro's My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic TV show.[citation needed]

Design and look[edit]

Although the ponysona's basic character design is based on the main species' look and feel from the show, ponysonas are not subject to canon, and can be designed or customized in all manners possible such as furries' fursonas. Ponysonas usually vary in base type, either being a pegasus, unicorn, earth pony, crystal pony, bat pony or alicorns or rarely dragons like Spike the dragon or changelings like Queen Chrysalis.

Ponysonas can be written or media created characters, such as with the Pony Creator, a flash game by Generalzoi, hosted on DeviantART.

Ponysonas and furry[edit]

If the brony is also furry, their ponysona may represent/be their main fursona as well.

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