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Poker (formerly known as Poker Face ) is a German-born British, Toyota-enthusiast furry artist and partial fursuiter based in the South-West of England.


Poker's fursona is a dark-tinted red fox with heavy eyeliner, blue illuminated angel eyes, black stripes, and an industrial piercing on his left ear. His name was influenced by a rage face from the Rage comic series. Around October, 2011, he self-built his fursuit head and commissioned a tail from Bayru. In March 2013, Poker has rebuilt his 2nd head with improvements and better headwear. Currently the third head is in the makes by himself and Medosai & will be ready for Confuzzled 2015.


Poker has found the fandom since 2007, and has joined Fur Affinity in mid-2011. He occasionally draws headshots of canids and felines, and takes commissions. He has been to a couple of furmeets. Poker has attended Confuzzled 2012, 2013, 2014 and will be attending 2015.

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