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PokerWolf2, also known as Shinygraywolf, is a furry artist who lives in New Jersey, USA.[1]

PokerWolf2 loves music, video games, and hanging with friends. He draws art, using traditional media, whenever the motivation hits him.


PokerWolf2's fursona is Thomas (or Tommy, as he prefers to be called), a young twelve-year-old gray wolf puppy created in July 21, 2012. Tommy was inspired by Poker's love of animals such as cats, dogs, and wolves.

Tommy is a silly gray wolf. While he thinks that he's a normal pup, most of his friends think that he's the crazy one, due to his playful personality. Tommy is normally shy when meeting new friends, but feels more comfortable when he gets to know them better. He is easily frightened whenever he's alone in a dark room or enivornment. That's most likely whenever there's a rainstorm, with lightning and thunder.

Tommy has a love of classical Disney movies, such as Aladdin and Beauty and the Beast.


Tommy has white-tipped ears and tail. He also has white paws and a white underbelly. Tommy is never seen without his bracelets, each of a different color, on his neck, tail, and legs.


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