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PokeSylum MUSH was a Pokemon-themed MUSH that, according to its welcome screen, "admits it's an asylum." It was created after the closing of Pokemon Champions.[1]


As of July 3, 2007, according to the on-join screen for PokeSylum, the MUSH had entered a state of hiatus. Quoting from the login screen:

July 3, 2007 --

Due to a variety of factors, including lack of admin participation and limited player attendance, Pokesylum Pokemon MUSH is going on hiatus indefinitely, possibly permanently.

Currently the remaining administration and playerbase are active at Multiverse Crisis MUSH (mcmush.org port 5001), which is a multi-theme MUSH. Most of our players are there and many have sent their Pokesylum characters there via a simple character port process. Interested parties are encouraged to ask about the Pokemon-6 subtheme there.

The MUSH itself can still be logged into, via this screen, though no admin help is gurranteed. Hopefully we can reopen at some point. Questions about this MUSH can be asked at Multiverse Crisis. Thank you for your interest.


According to the welcome screen, PokeSylum is now under beta renovations. A note upon connecting to the MUSH says it is "still undergoing renovations and will be for a while".


  • Antiquity
  • Challenger
  • Danube
  • Defiant
  • Intrepid
  • Logan
  • Psyber
  • Reliant


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