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Pokémon Slide was a ProtoMUCK themed for anthropomorphic Pokémon, normal Pokémon, and human characters.

  • Ran from/to: 2011 - 2013

Pokémon Slide is a relatively new MUCK to the pokémon scene, having opened on March 14th, 2011. Access is reserved for those over 18 years of age due to mature content. Their system utilizes the simplicity of the old World of Darkness system, modified to suit the Pokemon universe. It was among the first Pokémon MU*s to adopt the fifth generation of Pokémon into its ranks.


Once upon a time, some twenty or so years ago, there was a universe. Humans were the only sentient creatures, and technology was roughly where it is now. Animals had no special powers beyond things like quills or spraying or what-have-you, and things proceeded apace without any hint of the supernatural. Magic was a thing of legend, and humanity had just begun to reach out to the stars in an effort to go beyond its polluted confines. This is the world of Earth.

Once upon a time, some twenty or so years ago, there was a universe. Humans were far from the only sentient creatures, and technology had progressed at at accelerated pace thanks to the abilities and powers of special and unique animals known as "pokemon". The world's mysteries helped to keep mankind busy and conscious of the magic all around it, and the world was almost entirely pollution-free due to mankind's connection to the world around him. This is the world of Pokearth.

For ages untold, these two universes existed side-by-side, unaware of one another...and then the Slide occured.

For reasons and by means unknown to either world, the barrier that separated these two universes began to wear away ten years ago. Pockets of the latter universe began to seep into the former! Technology that existed on Pokearth ceased to function on Earth, and Pokemon began to slip from one universe into the other. The two worlds slowly began to unite, but the unification was patchy and incomplete; there were areas where the two had become one, and areas where the two remained separate.

Since that time, the two worlds have become more and more united. Neither world is what it once was, with the citizens of Earth having to come to terms with the strange new creatures that have begun to integrate with their society, and the citizens of Pokearth having to come to terms with the harsher realities of its counterpart. The godless universe of Earth suddenly has not one, but many gods in Pokemon form, and the animals of Earth are beginning to accomodate Pokemon into the ecosystem.

Perhaps most disconcerting to Pokemon and human alike is what happens when a human and a pokemon share space when the fabric that separates the two universes frays around them. When this occurs, the two merge into a Pokemorph, an anthropomorphic Pokemon that shares the minds and instincts of both entities. Support groups have recently been started for those who are thus afflicted, but adjusting to a new body is difficult at best for both involved.

It is now 2046, ten years after the Slide began. With the combined power of the Pokemon from his home world and the military of Earth, a person known only as "Caesar" has seized control of the merging world under the pretense of bringing order to the chaos that has resulted from the Slide. While he has succeeded in his plan, the newly-merged world also exists under martial law, with strict curfews and oppressive laws that make life difficult for its citizens. Many freedoms once taken for granted are now merely memories.

It is into this world that you, the player, have been plunged.

How will you contend with Caesar's rule? Will you seek to join his forces and enjoy the benefits that come with doing so? Will you simply go about living your life in the safety provided, lack of freedom notwithstanding? Do you dare to join the Underground, and resist the fascist rule of Caesar?

How will you deal with the changes to your life? As an Earth human, can you deal with the sudden changes to the very fabric of existence? As a Pokearth human, how are you learning to cope with this strange new world? As a Pokemon, how are you adjusting to a world so much less hospitable than your own? As a Pokemorph, how are you coping with your new body, your new life, and the voices in your head?

And finally...are you enterprising and daring enough to seek out the cause for the unraveling of the barrier between two worlds? Should you succeed, will you work to separate the two once more...or shred the barrier altogether?

This is the world of Pokemon Slide.


Pokemon Slide closed to the public in the latter half of 2013.