Pokémon Dynasty

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Pokémon Dynasty was a roleplaying MUCK with an adult Pokémon theme, and allowed Pokémorph characters.

Pokémon Dynasty MUCK was born from a fork of Pokémon World MUCK after a deep schism in staff. The MUCK was themed to take place 1500 years after Pokémon World MUCK, with characters from there being given the chance of a one way passport to Pokémon Dynasty. The open playable areas were reduced to facilitate more dense RP and a closer sense of community, having only 2 open cities and 3 outdoor areas. Humans and perhaps Digimon were in the works of being added, based on a modern day Earth with a narrow connection to the Pokémon homeworld.

Current Wizards[edit]

  • Alynna - Main developer and creator, Head wiz
  • Cresil - TPs, Enforcement
  • Helio/Crystal - Staff Gopher
  • Shay - League Wizard
  • Giselle - Theme
  • Kaiya - TP Assistant
  • Mickey - Builder

Original Founding Head Wizards[edit]

  • Alynna - Server Provider
  • Phoex - Coding, Sheet Fixes, Pokedex
  • Hyouki - Junior Coder, Sheet Fixes, Idea Proposer, Newbie Helper, League Wizard
  • Arceus A.K.A Sunshine - Primary Enforcer, Helper, Theme Wizard, Building Wizard
  • Shalla - Moral support

Note: This was during the period where there was to be 4 co-head wizards under Alynna using the foundation provided by Alynna from PX2.


As of 18 February 2008, Pokémon Dynasty was shut down by Alynna. The MUCK had been "deleted", according to her. Following was the message given when attempting to connect to the server.


As of 5/08, Pokémon Dynasty was reopened. There was a backup copy made and the entire MUCK was reinstated and is still playable along with accepting new players.

Alynna note: I found an older copy of it on a 20 disk offline backup I forgot I had.

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