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Poizen is the fursona of xXPoizenXx on DeviantART, Fur Affinity, Tumblr, Steam, etc.

Poizen is that of a failed experiment performed through manipulative genes and several DNA samples of different creatures, mainly focusing on the canine structure aswell as reptile characteristics. Her inner anatomy consists of bio-mechanics aswell as flesh. Due to heart and lung failure during experimentation drastic measures were taken and Poizen had her failing vitals replaced with machines that run on a kind of oily liquid which runs through Poizens veins, basically hes body carries no ordinary blood, but a kind of thick hazardous liquid which her mechanical heart processes, cleanses and re-uses by sending it flowing through her bloodstream. The mechanical heart is connected to the lungs, which functions like any normal lung would. The heart gathers oxygen which is carried through the body by the liquid. Her legs are also mechanic and the bone-mass started to ooze away as an aftereffect to a test where custom supposedly muscle-building vitamins where injected into her limbs.

Her personality is corrupt and confusing. At first she might be staring at you as if inspecting you, staring into your eyes as if posessed, and moments later she might be tearing you limb from limb. Poizen suffers from various trauma issues such as heavily hyperactive paranoia, angst, and anger. Long-term visual and vocal memory. Poizen is mostly quiet, shy and very rejective to any other soul that strolls into her territory, but every territory has its core and when the unknown persons cross the line Poizen turns hostile towards said target and proceeds without measurements.

Poizen moves through an unseen movement system, one similar to the Bats. Every move a targeted creature makes may determine which way Poizen chooses to move, this is all determined through the wind-direction, projectile movement and vulnerable spots located in said target. This system can also be used to communicate with others.

Story-related facts[edit]

  • Poizen is believed to be the only surviving experiment to ever surface from the underground facilities of the isolated SciDine Science Corporation. Yet others are known to lurk in the rusted, badly irradiated metal chambers.
  • Poizen, upon first contact with unprocessed (aka. re-used facility oxygen) she released the gene manipulating virus into the air and yet has affected life within the area since. Figuratively, she is the Plague which caused the great fall of the future aka. the fall of Metricity identified as a 'Utopia of endless opportunity and limitations' within illegal science teams.
  • All experiments performed within the SciDine Science Facilities were in fact illegal and went against most animal rights aswell as human rights.
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