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PlymouthFurs is the name given to a regional furry group centered around the city of Plymouth in the United Kingdom. It also covers a majority of the Devon and Cornwall area.

Meet types[edit]

The current PlymouthFurs group was set up by LupoWuff and PsyOnyx in early 2016, holding regular coffee meets on a fortnightly basis, however the format has now since changed to have two meets a month. One is a larger day meet while the other continues to be the smaller coffee meets held in the evenings. Quite often there have been last minute impromptu meets organised through the groups Telegram chat filling in the gap between the two meets.

The main venue used for the PlymouthFur meets is the Caffeine Club, a 24hr student cafe that serves a wide variety of food, drink and cocktails as well as a supersize portion menu known as the "Monster Menu".

Details on the next meet can be found on the calendar via the website, or via the groups Twitter Page.

Coffee Meets[edit]

PlymouthFurs coffee meets normally start at around 4pm in the Caffeine Club itself and progress long into the night, they can have anywhere from 6 to 20 people in attendance. These meets generally do not have any planned walks or other events. Because of this and due to room constraints it is often advised that fursuits are not brought to these meets.

Board and card games are welcome and even encouraged at the meets, games such as Cards against humanity, One night ultimate werewolf, Exploding kittens and Upstaged are frequently played during the meets.

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