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The plot of Furthia High is rather deep, and has been rebooted once.

Original storyline[edit]

The old canon's cast, left to right: Kale, Bruce, Campy, Ashley, Lupin, Gus, and Felicia.

Kale Williams is described as "the last known human in the world". The comic begins with his first day attending a public high school. There, he meets Bruce, Campy, and Ashley.

The story details Kale's first day in school and goes on to explore his home life. The comic ends halfway through his second day at school.

  • The first arc details his first day at school, which includes meeting Bruce and Campy, unintentionally humiliating Lupin during gym, making a scene in the cafeteria (due to the automated food dispenser not recognizing "human"), him and Bruce getting jumped by Lupin and Gus (and subsequently getting saved by Ashley), and getting kissed by Felicia, the "hottest and most popular girl" in the school (for her own agenda). The arc ends with Kale and Bruce leaving the school.
  • The second arc starts with Kale getting escorted home in a limousine (prompting Bruce to assume he'd been kidnapped by rich terrorists), and Bruce's attempts to break into the building. Ashley and Campy are already there, and after a confrontation (and a beating by Kale's family's guards), Bruce comes to realize that Kale is adopted, and that his family is rather rich. The three guests eat with the Goodman family, with Bruce obsessing over how good the food is. The arc ends with Kale going to sleep, reflecting on his first day.
  • The third (and unfinished) arc elaborates on the history of furries, told in the format of a history class lesson (that Bruce sleeps through). Kale and Bruce pass Lupin and Gus in the hallway, leading Lupin to snap Gus out of his daydream of Ashley, telling him that she's nothing special, and that they need to get Kale for what he'd done. Ashley encounters Felicia (whom she harbors a deep hatred for) bribing a boy to do her homework. After a confrontation, Ashley storms off, and out of habit, punches Gus down. She then gets an idea, that she could use Gus to humiliate Felicia (she'd teased Ashley about her "unattractive" body), and invites him to lunch with her. The arc ends abruptly when Ashley is waiting for Gus in the cafeteria, snapping at Kale.


In the new canon's first arc, the events are changed in that Kale meets all three of his new friends at once, and Kale's first day is glazed over and the comic jumps ahead a few weeks in the span of one strip.

  • The first arc details Kale's first day at school, drawing on the first canon's idea. The main differences are that Bruce, Ashley, and Campy meet Kale all at once, and the timeframe fast-forwards by weeks near the end. It should be noted that the final strip of this arc mirrors the final strip of the old canon.
  • The comic's second arc, staying true to the original canon, begins Lupin challenges Kale to a fight, although instead of being provoked by Kale humiliating him, he picks on him simply because he wants to. During the fight, which is very short, Kale refuses to participate, and Lupin responds by hauling off on him, almost knocking him out (it apparently gave him a concussion). Lupin leaves, due to Kale not being "worth it anymore". It was revealed later that Lupin actually saw a hint of aggression in Kale's eyes, and didn't want to mess with it. The arc ends with Kale being hailed as a hero by the nerds of the school, and he gives two of them tips (one of them being Eve, Kale's future girlfriend)
  • The third arc centers around Bruce's 17th birthday, and the party at his house. During this arc, we are introduced to Max Beradino (Bruce's dad), and after Kale accidentally falls down the basement stairs (retrieving a battery pack for Bruce), he is knocked unconscious, and has a hazy vision of a mask with wings, and what seems to be a tree and spiderwebs. Upon waking up (with Bruce by his side) he finds that he can't remember much about the vision, with only the mask as a solid fact. Max tells him he ought to forget it all (hinting that he has something to do with it), and after Kale's ankle is fixed up (he had sprained it). The arc ends with Kale riding home in his limo (after an argument with Bruce over who's luckier), and Max standing in the doorway, claiming he'll see him again soon.
  • The fourth arc revolves around the school's Autumn Ball, with Ashley letting Gus take her, on the condition that he never bother her again afterwards (he doesn't seem to have honored that, though). It is established that since Bruce doesn't know any girls (other than Ashley), he has no intention of going to the ball, and assumes Campy feels the same. However, both Campy and Kale have found dates (Campy's a guy, though), and Bruce vows to crash the ball. During the ball, everyone has a good time, Bruce getting kicked out for trying to saw the floor out ("Nobody can dance if there's no floor!") and for trying to spike the punch with wine coolers. Gus confronts Lupin over his comments about Ashley and stands up to him (in other words, slaps him). Stunned by this brash show of courage, Lupin accepts the fact that Gus actually loves Ashley. During the arc, Mask is introduced in a dream, and Kale begins his slow crawl into insanity. The arc ends with Bruce's realization that Campy was dating another man, and Quetza's comment that Campy and Connor (Campy's boyfriend) had sex that night.
  • The fifth arc is by far the most climactic arc. It begins with a couple strips highlighting school, and quickly escalates into a war with Kale's inner self, Mask. After being hit by a car (ironically saving Bruce), Kale falls into a coma, and is dragged into a bleak, monochrome landscape by the man from his visions, Mask. He repeatedly tells Kale that he must accept the "truth", or he will be erased. He produces a rather large, two-handed broadsword, and tells Kale that if he does not stop "running away from the truth", he will kill him. Mask knocks Kale down, and swings at him, barely being blocked by Kale, who produces a fencing sabre out of nowhere. The have a quick, but one-sided duel, with Kale resorting to stabbing Mask through the stomach, from below. Mask removes his mask and reveals that he is not only a fox that resembles Kale, but that he is the fox that Kale originally was. Fox Kale asks Kale to give him control of his body, so he can hunt down the people that had transformed him, and seek a way to change them back. Kale refuses, on the grounds that he has no right to go out and take revenge on people. Fox Kale removes Kale's fencing sabre from his stomach and throws it at him. Enraged, he shows his true, shadowy form, and begins to assimilate Kale, stabbing him through the midsection to speed up the process. Kale wakes up in a hospital, as a silver fox. After considering that his entire life as a human could have been a dream, he is confronted by his human side. Human Kale explains, after disposing of the false reality, that Fox Kale cannot actually kill Kale, and tells him the "truth". He uses his powers to negate Fox Kale's control, and revert him back to his first form, and Kale tells Fox Kale that no matter what happens, no matter what he looks like, he's still Kale. Fox Kale admits defeat, warning Kale that if he detects even a hint of doubt, he will not hesitate to take over. Kale wakes up in the hospital, with his friends and family surrounding him. The arc ends with Max and Cyrus (Kale's father) on a roof, conversing about how Fox Kale has awakened (it is currently unknown how they know that).
  • The sixth arc shows the experiences of the characters during a town-wide late fall power outage. While Max leaves for a nightclub, Bruce is interrupted from his new video game by a blizzard-induced power outage. Meanwhile, Eve comes over to Ashley's house for a sleepover, while Connor comes to Campy's house. Bruce is forced to entertain himself by reading, and Ashley tells Eve why she hates Gus so much. Campy and Connor solve a puzzle, and it is established that Connor holds contempt for Bruce. Before Max returns from the nightclub, Bruce discovers his cell phone, and sees a cryptic text message, "CROSS is ready. Engage TSAR as necessary" from a "Hugo". Bruce assumes it's code for anal sex, and at that moment, Max returns, making lewd comments about "Hugo", leading Bruce to really believe his assumption. All the while, Kale is in the hospital, watching cartoons. The arc ends with Max calling Hugo (revealed to be a coffee-loving skunk) and telling him that he received the text
  • The seventh arc begins with Kale dreaming, playing a game of golf on an asteroid. Fox Kale comes and takes him to his inner world again. It's "noticeably less sketchy" than before, and Fox Kale claims it's because Kale's unconscious mind has become more "vibrant and alive". He shows him a strange door that had randomly popped up, and as Kale opens it, a black tentacle comes out and begins strangling him. After being denied help from Fox Kale, who is enjoying the spectacle, the tentacle engulfs Kale's head, showing him blurred images of several figures, and spotty, incoherent dialogue. Fox Kale severs the tentacle before the vision becomes clear, saying that he wasn't going to let a tentacle steal his death from him. Fox Kale sends Kale back to the real world, while he goes to Human Kale, who's analyzing the images in his long-term memory. The first image is decrypted and is shown to be Max Beradino (after Human Kale temporarily replaces the image with Heathcliff the Cat). The arc ends with Fox and Human Kale wondering what they can do to stop any of this.
  • The eighth arc revolves around Bruce's forays into MMO gaming during holiday break, while Eve and Gus meet at a cafe to talk about his obsession with Ashley.
  • The ninth arc hints that Kale is being driven mad with his inner conflicts, and as a last resort, his psychiatrist recommends hypnosis. Kale submits to it, but in that instant, Fox Kale seemingly takes over. The focus switches to Kale's inner world, which is surprisingly blank. Max Beradino appears and tells Kale that he is there to eliminate Fox Kale. He conjures a knife and tells Kale that no matter what he may think, Fox Kale is lying to him, and needs to be erased. At that moment, Fox Kale lunges at Max, sword drawn, and the two have an intense swordfight. Fox Kale assumes his true form, and attempts to envelop Max. Max sinks his knife into Fox Kale's head, which according to Fox Kale "won't do anything at this point". Max then uses an explosive hidden in the knife to blow Fox Kale's head open, injuring himself as well. Fox Kale reverts to his normal form, seemingly regenerating, and him and Max begin to yell at Kale to kill the other. Kale snaps and tells the both of them to leave him be. They both disappear, with all evidence of their battle gone as well. Human Kale enters and further confuses Kale by telling him that they probably weren't real, just Kale's mind running wild. He then spouts gibberish and sends Kale back to reality. Kale wakes up abruptly in his psychiatrist's office, seemingly breaking her hypnosis. He leaves in a hurry, traumatized. The psychiatrist makes a memo of what had happened, noting that he had indeed had an altered personality take control when he'd been under hypnosis. The arc ends with Kale sitting on a bench, contemplating what had happened. He breaks down and calls Eve, asking if he can come over.
  • During the tenth arc, Bruce and Campy go to a diner, and disgusted by the food, goes to complain to the cook. The cook, revealed to be Lupin, admires Bruce's ability to critique food, and asks him to help judge his cooking in preparation for a competition. Gus, who had been recruited as well, compliments all of Lupin's cooking, while Bruce identifies the problems with them. Appalled by this, Bruce (with the aid of a wooden spoon) trains Gus to not only be able to critique food accurately, but to be more assertive. The arc ends with Lupin warning Bruce of Kale, saying that during their fight, he had seen a flicker of something in his eyes, and for Bruce to stay far away from Kale, for his own safety.
  • The eleventh arc returns to school life, with Bruce and Connor fighting over Campy while the class is in the midst of a term paper assignment. Campy, assigned to partner with Kale, then privately reveals to Kale his intention to break up with Connor due to a perceived continuing lack of space; Kale reassures Campy of his capabilities and self-worth, and Campy replies with a full-on kiss, thus complicating Kale's own relationship with Eve, although this is revealed to be a dream of Campy's when Kale suddenly turns into a pirate. As Campy attempts to avoid the dream becoming true, he instead succumbs and is just about to kiss Kale, when Bruce's father texts him: Bruce and Connor are fighting (although Max thinks they are having sex due to someone "shoving a fist" somewhere) due to Bruce playing a video game when the pair is supposed to be doing the paper. The arc ends with Campy chewing both boys out, making them kiss for retribution (to Max's delight) and Kale sneaking a peek at Campy's epic poem "Enes the Sparrow". The arc is followed up by a filler sketch depicting Ashley and Eve kissing in bikinis (due to Quetzadrake's research that straight men love girl-on-girl, and to offset the mainly gay couplings).
  • The twelfth arc, still in progress, begins with Hugo (cryptic man from the text) visiting Cyrus, telling him the current situation, being that CROSS (presumably Max) failed to subdue TSAR (presumably Fox Kale). He then reveals that he has a cassette tape with proof from the hypnosis session as shown in the next page. He then explain that they will try to subdue the TSAR a few more times, but sadly warns Cyrus that if they fail to do so, tey will have to kill Kale. In the next morning, Ashley and Bruce discuss the school trip they will have on Friday, but Bruce become distraught to learn that the trip will be on a history museum, and it's later revealed that they will meet their new classmates from next year. On the museum, Mr. Lewis (a Furthia Hig professor) divides the students into four groups based on their surnames in alphabetical order, with Bruce and Gus being part of the same group. While an floating robot-guide gives Kale's group a tour throught the Human history, Kale meets a platypus named Lucy, who is part of a furry community that revolves around humans and comments that Kale is well know by that community, but then comments that most of his personal information is unknow on internet, much to Kale's confusion given that he has used internet his whole life. Meanwhile, Bruce notes that Kale is talking to Lucy, and soon finds himself in love over the platypus, much to his own surprise. Bruce then decided to follow them and bluntly express his love for Lucy, despite Gus protests that this might end poorly for him (talking by his own experiences regarding Ashley). After two unsuccessful attempts to "poetically" woo her, Bruce then simply confesses to be attracted to her and ask if she wants to go with him to a dinner next week, to which Lucy quickly agrees on ground that she "...can't refuse free food". When Kale tried to explain to Lucy why that might not be a good idea (AKA: She barely knows him and Bruce can be very emotionally unstable and immature), she merely teased that she would gladly date him if he had asked and she has no problem to make part of a threesome with him and Eve. She then tried to hurry him up so they could get that part of the lecture that details the transformation from human to furry, but to her chagrin, the robot-guide had already finished that part. The Author then tried to finish the arc by suggesting that the whole trip was a dream, but changes it to have Kale dreaming wth eve liking the idea of being part of a threesome after Ouros scolded him for making so many twisted endings.
  • The thirteenth arc, Bruce brags all the day over having a date with Lucy in Ashley's presence, annoying her to no ending. Even though Kale explains to Eve that Ashley is only annoyed by Bruce's gabble, She and Gus promptly assumes that she is jealous with Bruce for having a date and they decide to take the opportunity to make Gus finally have successes into calling ashley to a date, despite Kale's protests that this will end poorly for them. Eve then tried to train Gus into approching Ashley, but when she realises that this will only result into Gus being brutally beaten up by Ashley (she herself being incapable of not punch him while she pretends to be Ashley) she then take Gus into a plush toy store, arguing that the best way to conquest Ashley's affection is by having the same interests that she has, but when she tried to pick a plush toy for Gus to buy to Ashley, she soon finds herself facing Lupin (who was there to buy a Mother's Day gift) and she ends up scolding Lupin for not having faith on Gus' crush over Ashley, and she then suggests that, rather then buying a plush toy to Ashley, he should make one himself. Meanwhile, while Ashley, Kale and Bruce eat on a fast food (with Bruce's muzzle being closed by Ashley as a punishment for annoying her) Kale relutanctly confesses that Eve is trying to help Gus into woo her, much to Ashley's chagrin. On Eve's house, she learns to her suprise that Gus has a natural talent on plushie toy's making (to the point that they sparkle by themselves when Gus finish them). She then claims that Gus will easily conquest Ashley with such talent, but Bruce calls Gus by his phone and forces him to give up such plan on grounds that Ashley wouldn't respect him for making plush toys and tells him to meet him on the school next day. On that night in the park, Gus becomes confused on whose advise he should take when a stranger (who claims to be the senator) offered a sympathic ear but confesses that he can't help Gus with his problem since he barely knows him, but suggests that he should make is own decisions rather than relying so much on other persons ideas, and gave Gus his card before mysteriously disappear. On the next day, Bruce tries to teach Gus how to approach Ashley without fear by dressing as a girl and forcing Gus to woo "her" (which almost leads Bruce to kiss Gus) But Eve caught them on act and she correctly guesses that Bruce forced Gus to hear his advice. This then escalated into a huge verbal fight of who Lupin soon unwillingly finds himself part of, with one accusing the other of selfishly trying to control Gus against his will, until Gus finally snaps and scolds them all for arguing and then runs away crying. Later that night, Gus mourns how his situation is helpless until he picks the stranger's card and goes straight into Ashley's house where he shows to her his amazing toy making talent. Ashley, while clearly amazed by his talent, coldly reminds him that she isn't going to fall for him and that she's aware of what he and Eve tried to do and that wouldn't work because real life doesn't work like a romantic-comedy. Gus agrees with what she said and then proceeds to explain what happened to him that week, acknowledges his inability to make his own decisions and apologises for being so annoying to her for all those years. While Ashley seems to be touched by his honesty, she still refuses to trust him and rejects his apologies since already gave him a chance to improve their relationship on past but he screwed that up and his story is too contrived for her to believe, to which Gus sadly agrees and leave her house. On the next day, after Eve apologises for the last day events and asks how he feels by what happened on Ashley's house, he confesses to be deeply saddened and hurt but that but acknowledges that he has much to improve before he even tries to start a relationship with Ashley and vows to become a better person even if he never conquest Ashley's love. Kale then commends Gus for his maturity, but Bruce is very upset with Gus for ignoring his advice, as well by the fact that he still didn't managed to have a date with Ashley, and he soon realises to his horror that he forgot to go to his own date with Lucy last night.