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Plonq (real name Dave Braun, born 1963) is the author of numerous short stories, some of them featuring his fursona, a snow leopard. He lives in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, and is married to Atara.

His earliest examples of fan fiction were co-written under his real name for the Star Trek and Dungeons & Dragons fandoms in the 1980s, with some of these works featured in an Italian print publication. A brief stretch as a solo fanfic writer for The Lion King temporarily saw him adopt the alias of Snowcat before finally settling on his current pen name.

As Plonq, he has produced web original fiction starring his furry alter ego, as well as fan fiction for the My Little Pony, Bolt, and Transformers franchises. These take the form of both short story one-shot fics and completed multi-chapter works. While his fiction shows the influence of authors such as Douglas Adams and Terry Pratchett, he writes in his own signature style.

Plonq's stories have appeared at several websites, including Fimfiction.Net and LiveJournal, but the most comprehensive collection of this writer’s work can be found at Archive of Our Own.

He was the Guest of Honor at Mephit Furmeet 2000.

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