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Pleasure Bon Bon Next
Author(s) Vanessa Santato
Update schedule ongoing
Launch date 2017
Genre Romance comedy

Pleasure Bon Bon is an erotic comic strip written, designed and colored by the Italian artist Vanessa Santato, which has been published as a webcomic since 2003, and is still ongoing.

The idea was born, however, in the 90s, as a romantic and humorous story suitable for everyone, after a couple of holiday trips by the author, in Trentino Alto Adige, Slovenia and Austria.

The author tells through the so-called Mini Bon Bons (a collection of fact sheets on the background, curiosity and concept art of the work, that are present as extra content on the new site) that the inspiration for the story came from the visit to Predjama Castle and the Postojna Cave and the Golden Roof in the town of Innsbruck, where there is also a casino, and Moena, a town in Trentino surrounded by the Dolomites.

These locations combined with her passion for novels set in the Victorian era (by Conan Doyle, Jule Verne and Oscar Wilde) that she was reading at the time, gave birth to the story of Pleasure Bon Bon.

The PBB characters are also born from the passion for anthropomorphic cartoons of the 90s, which are colorful, lively, joyful, exhilarating and dynamic characters thet lay the foundations for the furry genre.

The author is inspired by a cartoon style influenced by the Disney animated series, Warner Bros and Japanese anime of that era to create her own personalized and distinctive style for the comic.

Since 2003, for the first 2 years, the comic has started to be published as a guest on the Vixine site, but in 2005 it is moved to a new site dedicated only to Pleasure Bon Bon. In a short time the site succeeds thanks to the spicy and original history and the publication continues without interruption until chapter # 16, which ends in the moment in which the author moves to Patreon where she starts again alone to work and publish all the old site content in higher resolution and different formats on its new website plus new, original and unpublished updates.

From this moment the reboot of Pleasure Bon Bon is born, called Pleasure Bon Bon-Next (mature content +16) PBB-Next has a new design style, improved and presented in higher resolution than old version called "PBB Legacy". The idea is to tell more about history and new events than the first edition, which gave more space to the fanservice than to the story. PBB-Next will conclude the saga that in PBB-Legacy remains unfinished for now.


The story is set in the town of Bon Bon, a remote mountain town with a thriving tourism economy, where prostitution and gambling are openly tolerated and/or encouraged.

A young Abyssinian cat, William Greenback, moves there to escape some serious debts and to look for a job. Unfortunately, a key reason for the financial distress is that he is a compulsive gambler and is unaware of the casinos in the town until it is too late.

Soon, having lost almost all his money at the tables, William purchases one last drink before going off to commit suicide, only to have fate intervene. That occurs when Violet, a naive raccoon prostitute, runs into him, spilling his drink and provoking him to demand a refund. Betty, the brothel's top woman, sees the incident and assumes that Violet has found a new client for her. However, William refuses Betty's advances in favor of his refund demand and starts a fight in frustration. The cat is soon beaten and about to be thrown out when an associate tells Betty that he is looking for employment.

As a result, William wakes up in Betty's quarters and is presented with an employment opportunity. It turns out that Simon Blue, the richest man in Bon Bon, is looking for a butler to manage his household at a handsome wage of 5000 florins a month. The duties would include looking after his daughter, Mary, whom he keeps almost literally under lock and key on the estate to prevent her from being corrupted by the pervasive sexuality in the community. To that end, Simon is insistent on a homosexual employee to preclude him taking advantage of her. Betty and Violet propose that William pass as gay to get the job and William, while initially flummoxed at the job condition, agrees to the idea. He decides he can model his behavior after his good gay friend, Dorian Earl Grain, who is much like a furry Oscar Wilde.

Unbeknownst to him, Mary Blue is a beautiful, albeit sexually frustrated cat, who desires a handsome lover, and to loose her virginity, more than anything else. As a result, the handsome and generally well-mannered William will face a tempting occupational hazard.


The characters of Pleasure Bon Bon are characterized by being each represented by a color in the name or surname, which determines their state of mind or their appearance (eg William Greenback is represented by the green color because he is interested in money and at green gaming table, his eyes are green, and often he wears green, Betty Goldblum has a golden fur and she's considered a princess, Mary Blue is blue both in appearance and in her mood).

The characters of PBB are not all anthropomorphic, there can be for example both normal horses carrying carriages, and anthropomorphic horses, or normal birds flying in the sky and anthropomorphic birds. This simply means that in this universe some animals are evolved and others not, and therefore the characters of PBB can feed themselves as they prefer. In addition, the characters maintain standard proportions among themselves, mice and rabbits are no lower than other animals such as cats or bears.

Characters can mate between different species but cannot be born hybrids sons from they relationship, they can only procreate between characters of the same species. For this reason all marriages are combined, as well as for social conventions of the end of 800 The characters have an awareness of their own species and use their instincts and abilities (eg William is an agile cat able to climb and jump very well).

The characters all have tails and 4 fingers per hand, three per foot and there are no digitigrade characters or birds with wings instead of arms. The language spoken in Bon Bon is mainly English but the characters come from different European countries and may have the accent of their own nation.

Being a mature comic strip, the characters have vices and attitudes typical of our world at the end of the 19th century. In addition to references to sex and prostitution, the characters can smoke, drink alcohol, use offensive weapons (such as guns, rifles and daggers) and gamble.

The coin used in the comic is the “Florin”, a fictional coin used throughout Europe ( like the Euro of our day), but in Bon Bon the characters can exchange florins for a special golden coin to tip working girls.

William Greenback: William Greenback, an Abyssinian cat with an incurable gambling problem and who is currently on the run from his vengeful creditors and infuriated family.