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Author(s) Takahiro Kamitani
Launch date September 10, 2007
Genre Art archive

Pixiv is a Japanese art site. Viewing full size images on Pixiv is restricted to those who have registered. Pixiv is not censored, but rather content filtering is achieved through the use of tags.

Pixiv has an embed feature which allows people to embed pixiv-hosted images "to pixiv blog, or the like." (translated from Japanese)[1]

Pixiv and furry[edit]

There is a lot of kemono art on Pixiv, including under tags "ケモノ" (beast) and "ファーリー".

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  1. Embed機能 (えんべっどきのう)とは【ピクシブ百科事典】 webpage at Pixiv website. Retrieved 2016 July 27.
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